Muslim call girl in London offers to marry clients first


LONDON: A ‘Muslim call girl’ in London, who goes by the name of Kamillah, is willing to enter into a Nikkah Mu’tah with customers who are seeking to embrace a traditional form of marriage to absolve themselves from the sin of premarital sex.

Kamillah, who has 80,000 Twitter followers, charges a mere $100  for the Nikka Mu’tah. The $450-an-hour escort dons a veil or hijab in most of her photos on her booking site.

Speaking to an undercover reporter from The Sun, Kamillah said that the quick marriage followed by divorce service is great in demand.


2 replies

  1. great demand? where are moulvis in UK who waste their time in issuing warnings against the true Islam Ahamdiyya…….ahhh probably they are busy in halala or poisoning youth minds with Jihad…….she is a logical outcome how Muslims in European society live, no one knows she may come from a moulvi family.

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