Dr. Shabir Ally: Any one who calls himself or herself a Muslim is a Muslim

Courtesy: Dr. Mohamed Boodhun. Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

Dr. Shabir Ally[1] is the president of the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International in Toronto, Canada. He is a Muslim activist, academic, scholar and public speaker on Islam and comparative religion. He is also a prolific debater engaging in regular debates around the world with noted theologians, Christian apologists and renowned philosophers.[2]

Early life and Education

Shabir Ally was born in Guyana on the Caribbean coast of South America and moved to Canada with his family in 1978.[3]

Debates and lectures

Dr. Shabir Ally holds an M.A. and PhD in Islamic studies from the University of Toronto. He completed his B.A. in Religious Studies from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, with a specialization in Biblical Literature. He also possesses a B.Sc with a major in Physics. He has in 2013 completed his Ph.D and obtained his doctorate with his thesis being on Qur’anic exegesis.

For over 30 years, he has been an active member of the Muslim community in Toronto, as well as an active participant in interfaith dialogues, debates and initiatives. He is a prolific debater and is viewed as the leading Muslim debater in the world on religion and Christianity. He is an internationally sought after speaker, scholar and theologian, and is the author of numerous books on Islam and Christianity. He is also the founder and resident scholar of Let the Quran Speak, a show that promotes the understanding and appreciation of Islam and Muslims globally and is broadcast weekly on Canadian national television.

He is an academic and lectures and teaches subjects on Arabic, the Qur’an, and Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto in the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. He is also President of the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International in Toronto. His inter-faith debates focuses on aspects such as the authenticity of scripture, the divinity of Christ, the evolution and development of the New Testament as well as the crucifixion of Jesus.

Dr. Shabir Ally is known for promoting a contextual interpretation of the Qur’anic verses, but seeks to find their justification in similar expressions within the Christian Bible.[4] He has debated Christian philosopher William Lane Craig on numerous occasions as well as renowned scholar John Dominic Crossan.[5][6][7] He has also debated noted apologists James White and Jay Smith on several occasions. He is further known for his moderate and scholarly interpretation of Islam and regularly appears as a guest and pundit on television shows in North America discussing Islam, political issues and extremism.

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  1. Assamaan say dawat Haq kayliay in josh hay
    Ho rahaa hay naik tubbon per ferishtoun ka utaar

    The Promised Messiah (peace be on him) said in his
    There is clamour from the heaven for the spread of truthfulness.
    There is decent of angles on the true natured people.

  2. Every one who wants to be called a Muslim may be a Muslim but what about terrorists killing innocent people in the name of Allah?
    Also, what about very peaceful, honest persons preaching Islam peacefully? Are they Muslims are not?
    The definition given by Dr. Shabir Ally is supported by a Hadith. During first census in Madinah in year 623 plus, the workers asked the prophet s.a.w.s. as to who to be counted as Muslim. The prophet ordered, “whoever says he is Muslim write him down for me.”

  3. Urdu Khutba Juma on March 24, 1989 by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad

    Published on Mar 20, 2015
    http://www.alislam.org Urdu Friday Sermon delivered by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (Khalifatul Masih IV).

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