Following Obama’s advice Ahmadiyya’s married to Pakistan brides writes to Modi

Times of India: AMRITSAR: Following US president Barack Obama’s advice to India for protecting religious freedom during his trip to India, the Pakistani brides living in Qadian, Ahmadiyya Muslim sect’s headquarters in India, has blamed Narendra Modi government of religious discrimination and not giving Indian citizenship to Pak brodes despite marrying and living in India for one to three decades.

In charge , media, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat, India, Chaudhary Maqbool Ahmad has written a letter to Modi urging his immediate intervention in the matter and give Indian citizens to Pakistani bride so they could live with pride and enjoy all freedom in India.

Maqbool himself had married to resident of Faislabad in Pakistani Tahira Zahoor, now Tahira Maqbool on December 7, 2003.

Talking to TOI on Saturday he said the external affair ministry’s website was the proof that only a handful of Muslims were given Indian citizenship.

“Our prime minister talks of women empowerment but these women who have been married in India for past ten to thirty five years even can’t call themselves Indians leave alone going out of Qadian” he said. At least nine Pakistani brides in Qadian alone were awaiting Indian citizenship, he said.


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  1. This came as a news alert to me. Don’t have all the details and background as yet. However, in all fairness, we cannot blame the present Modi Government for this discrimination. It predates his government in power now.
    Whatever government was in power then has to be blamed .I think US President Obama made a very telling, crucial and honest remarks about the religious necessity for religious tolerance in India for success and success of other countries as well.
    It is hoped that Modi government will step up and act on President Obama’s cautionary words and grants Ahmadi Muslims and other religious groups their right to practice their religion without fear and persecution. Such warnings do not come from out of blues. There must be substantial grounds to issue such a warning. Hope India will heed sooner than later.

  2. I agree with Dr Koya’s comment. This news should have highlighted the failure of the past government for not giving the “foreigners” the citizenship. Most countries here in Europe give citizenship within 5 years. These ladies originally from Pakistan have been living in India for more than 10 years both peacefully and respectfully. Denying citizenship shows hypocrisy, racism and also a violation of human rights. The news should have made Modi government aware of this and should have sought hopefulness for a change and acceptance in the country from the new goverment.

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