Is Islam to Blame for the Shooting at Charlie Hebdo in Paris?

NY Times: local newspaper Charlie Hebdo skewers people of all faiths and backgrounds. One cartoon showed rolls of toilet paper marked “Bible,” “Torah” and “Quran,” and the explanation: “In the toilet, all religions.”

Yet when masked gunmen stormed Charlie Hebdo’s officesin Paris on Wednesday with AK-47s, murdering 12 people in the worst terror attack on French soil in decades, many assumed immediately that the perpetrators weren’t Christian or Jewish fanatics but more likely Islamic extremists.

Outraged Christians, Jews or atheists might vent frustrations on Facebook or Twitter. Yet, while we don’t know exactly who is responsible, the presumption is that Islamic extremists once again have expressed their displeasure with bullets.

Many ask, Is there something about Islam that leads inexorably to violence, terrorism and subjugation of women?


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  1. The answer to the leading title question is: No – Islam is not to blame for the Paris shootings.

    However, it is my opinion, Islam is the excuse the murders/terrorists/extremists/whatever-you-want-to-call-them use to justify their actions.

    It is the same excuse used in the violent sectarianism within Islam. The same excuse used in discriminating against, marginalizing and attacking minority Muslim sects (and other religions) by those Muslims that happen to be in the majority.

    The blame doesn’t fall upon Islam, the blame falls upon those Muslims that use their interpretation of Islam to justify their violent actions and/or other bad-acts.

    Islam is not to blame, rather certain Muslims, and their beliefs of what Islam is and means, are…

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