Our Denial has killed children in Peshawar

Source: Dawn

There is no sight uglier than a child’s corpse. I can say this because I have seen one dying before my eyes.

When a child dies, no words can console the grieving hearts of parents. And a cowardly terror attack on a school just snatched over a hundred children from the warm embrace of their parents in Peshawar.

Just try understanding the magnitude, the size of this all. More than a hundred families will now have their child-shaped holes in their lives forever. Parents all over the country will think twice before sending their children to schools again.

The children that survived the ghastly attack will never be the same again; their innocence, their childhood gone. It takes years for trauma victims to recover. Some don’t recover even after that.


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  1. Admitting theory of denial to some extent is correct. However main reasons are the mind set and psyche of the nation which developed over last few decades. Each aspect of morality has deteriorated in motherland. Paksitanis have become just living creature without any human instinct. Since many years humans are being butchered in the country. The whole nation seems to have become immune to such atrocities.. It all started from Ahmadiyya, then engulfed the Christians, Hindus, Shea’s and later other Islamic belief groups. No concrete measures were taken and nation got confused on the definition of bad and good Taliban. Thousands in uniform were killed but we did not realise the danger. Now children in mass have been targeted. Surely after few days we will forget this incident also and these butchers will select some new targets. Since many years, intellects of the country are crying for reformation of society but constantly receiving deaf hearing by those who matter. Currently Paksitani Nation is void of true and moral leaders. So in near future no light is visible at the end of the tunnel.

  2. I don’t remember exactly it was our 3rd Khalifa or 4th who said that the tragedy in Pakistan is that bullies are bold
    and descent people are coward.In my lab group KMC there was one student named Sameena. She had beauty with brain.She was the daughter of one of the Judges who did the historic decision that Ahmedi were non-muslim.
    Sameena got married in the 3rd year with an army Captain.It was unusual for our studious fellows.She was I believe from Abbotabad. Unfortunately she had a car accident and was killed with her husband Rustam. It was 1983 or 1984.The place where she had accident is called Thandiyani. It was a sad news.She died so young in the 3rd year of medical college.She was social,vocal and was named bride for wearing heavy make up before marriage.Almost majority of student were modest,simple and without make-up.
    I had good terms with her.I even attended a party at her mansion like house in Peshawer. She was punctual in prayers and a practising Muslim.

    After her tragic death the female college students arranged Quran Khawani . They invited me to join ,it was in the front lawn of girls Cafeteria. I refused the offer.I was the only Ahmedi student in my class.
    All the group was shocked,as I was a religious person
    and had good terms with sameena.
    The Quran Khawani is a religious ritual in which they spread a neat,clean white sheet.They then distribute one part of the Holy Quran to each participant to read without meaning.
    Later on another common friend Ambreen said I know you are an ahmedi. Ahmedis don’t do Fataha Khawani and Quran Khawani,She told me that her some relatives are Ahmedis.

  3. Sometimes I think that in the current scenario, the denial of realities is the only way to survive because the problems are too much, but the same avoidance of truth led us to where we are and the only way out is to learn not to repeat the same mistakes of the past…

    The social situation in the country was grim from year 2001; the people had been suffering in silence for the wrong evaluation of what was happening. There were those who clapped their hands for 9/11. It became clearer as time went on that you can’t cry when a ‘voice of Truth’is silenced. Life became more confused, passive and lifeless. What more if all the pains are not denied, who would survive?

    There are families who just close their eyes at night to forget that they are hungry; fasting became a way of life, children are unhealthy, youth and adults become unproductive. There are those who are lucky to find multiple jobs, working almost 24 hours a day to meet their basic needs but the rupee has almost no market value.

    Students continue to have tuition– a double expense to their poor parents, but the real problem is that the system of education doesn’t favour internalization and integration. Memorization can’t make anybody a leader today, moreso tomorrow.

    Each one is tortured in one way or the other, because for a long time there had been electricity, gas and water problems, plus the fact that there is no place that is safe. Who can think properly in the midst of all these?

    The movie “Life is beautiful” is about a child who was spared from knowing the harsh realities of life in order to remain innocent, and approach life with a positive vision… Only by being a director of this present life shall we manage to bring out trust in mothers and their children that our schools are places of life and not death.

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