In memoriam of my beloved Mother

By: Sayyarah Chowdhry

I have learnt fortitude and patience from the trees.
They weather the icy winds, their leaves are gone, crushed and buried under the snow.
They are left bare armed
But they wait for the spring , when they will get freshly clad with green robes.
The flowers smile and dance all day to please us but by evening-fall they wither without any complain.
We have to accept with serene calm the onrush waters of return which never return.
OH; Mom spring was here, when you were here.
But, now when you are gone
My life is still not in autumnal leaves.
You found in me something to cherish, to admire and to love.
At times in my confusion of life, I was rude to you, but you forgave my stupidities with your generous heart.
Whenever I came to you wounded by words, and hurt by hate, you kissed away my bruises
by your tender care and balmy smile.
You were an umbrella in the sun, a house in the rain.
With your soul-reaching wisdom and inspiration you gave me confidence and assurance.
And I was blessed with a sense of strength and resilience
You were always the heart of happiness to me.
My mind was formed by the radiance of your love.
When you went away, I lost my peace.
I was torn like like a helpless child. But slowly my anguished heart found comfort in your memories.
I felt connected and communicated to you by some wireless.
The vacuum was soon replaced by certain peace of your presence and equanimity.
I am never alone ,you are on my side in my walks.
You are in my thoughts, wherever I go.
You are in my dreams with your surreal grace and divine calm.

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