AMJ Canada mourns the massacre of innocent students and teachers at Army Public School Peshawar

A special prayer for the victims of the Army Public School Peshawar will be held tonight at 7:30pm EST at the Baitul Islam Mosque, Vaughan Ontario.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at (AMJ) Canada categorically condemns the horrific attack on a public school in Peshawar, Pakistan, according to a press release.

Tragically, over 140 people have been reported dead with hundreds more critically injured in this gruesome and cowardly attack. Ahmadi Muslims across Canada, some of whom have deep ties to Peshawar, Pakistan are mourning with the families and friends of those afflicted by this horrible atrocity.

Lal Khan Malik, Canadian national president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, speaks in Saskatoon Friday.

Lal Khan Malik, National President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Canada

Mr Lal Khan Malik, National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada issued a statement in which he stated.

“Education is the very key which will defeat extremist organizations, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) taught Muslims to attain the maximum education possible.”

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at has been a victim of similar horrific attacks. On May 28th, 2010 the Taliban attacked two Ahmadiyya Muslim mosques filled with worshipers in Lahore, Pakistan, killing over 90 Ahmadi Muslim.

Baitul Islam Mosque, Canada

Baitul Islam Mosque, Canada

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada will be holding a special prayer for the victims of the Peshawar school shooting tonight at 7:30pm EST at the Baitul Islam Mosque, Vaughan Ontario.

National President Lal Khan Malik and Dr Shumaila Khan speaks to City News:


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  1. I really appreciate the humanistic and national gestures of AMJ Canada.
    May Allah save the Pakistani any such tragedies in future.

  2. This article rekindled another very painful barbaric incident.I had a real young sister who passed away at 37 years from a massive heart attack.She had asthma for some years.In 2005 she left behind two sons and one daughter.Her youngest son was 3,and her daughter was 6 .The oldest son was 12.My brother in law remarried in Jehlum and moved to Lahore.

    My sister sons were in the Model Town Mosque on 28th May 2008.I watched the event live on Geo and MTA.I saw on one website my sister sons Usama then 17,Sermed 8 running for their lives. Sermed was without shoes.I thanked Allah for their lives. Their real TayaJan (big brother of their father)
    was martyred in DarulZiker Mosque.Our respected national president Malik Lal khan of Canada Jamaat remembered them.There was extensive media coverage all over the world.About 86 people received the honour of martyrdom. They were buried in Rabwah with dignity and devotion.Tears would well up watching those burials.For safety and security reasons women were not in the mosques.They had their sons of all ages,their brothers,husbands,fathers,paternal and maternal grand fathers.My Nana Jan (maternal grand father)Mr.Fazal Kareem would an occasional Imam in Darul- ziker.My maternal grand father had passed away in 1985.
    My sister sons are waqaf -nau. Their TayaJan Mr.Rasheed was an engineer,Moosi,dedicated member of Lahore Jamaat.He left behind a widow a rightous doctor with three daughters.They are in Vancouver.My Nana Jan name is mentioned in the history of Lahore Jamaat. He was a scholar,an English Teacher.True lover of Allah and HolyQuran. A dedicated learned person who had trained my mom and my older brothers.She was on his footsteps,brilliant in mathematics,arithmetic,trigonometry,English and Urdu.

    My mother passed away last year in December from kidney failure.She was on dialysis for the last four years.My mother was very patient patient.One day I asked her the secret behind her exemplary patience.She told me that she recites surah AlFajar daily.She told me her father made her memorize in grade nine.I also try to do the same.

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