Urdu Videos: Blasphemy and then Apology by Junaid Jamshed?

Without freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom & no such thing as publick liberty without freedom of speech, Benjamin Franklin, 1722.

Without freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom & no such thing as publick liberty without freedom of speech, Benjamin Franklin, 1722.

Junaid Jamshed (Urduجنید جمشید‎), is a Pakistani recording artist, television personality, fashion designer, occasional actor, and singer-songwriter. After graduating with a degree in engineering from the UET Lahore, Jamshed briefly worked as a civilian contractor and engineer for the PAF before withdrawing to focus on his musical career. He soon began performing on various local university campuses before being noticed by Rohail Hyatt in 1983.[2] With the help of Hyatt and Nusrat Hussain, Jamshed was inducted in Vital Sign and signed a record deal with record executive and producer Shoaib Mansoor to his PTV Music Studio.[2]

Jamshed first gained nationwide prominence and international recognition as the lead vocalist of the pop-rock, Vital Signs in 1987 with the first highly critically acclaimed and commercially successful album, Vital Signs 1that topped the Music Channel Charts around the country.[3] The first album included the international number-one single “Dil Dil Pakistan“, and “Tum Mil Gaye. The big commercial success of Vital Signs’ first album helped raise the rock music industry of Pakistan.[3]

In 1994, he released his debut solo album, Junaid of Vital Signs, which also quickly became a national hit, followed by Us Rah Par in 1999 and Dil Ki Baat in which his song Tum Kehti ho was a great hit, released in 2002. In 2004, Jamshed renounced engineering and his music career and since then, Jamshed has focused on Islam and concentrated on reciting nasheeds. His debut religious album, Jalwa-e-Janan was released in 2005 and was followed by Mehboob-e-Yazdaan in 2006, Badr-ud-Duja in 2008, and Badee-uz-Zaman in 2009. Jamshed also owns a clothing boutique with the name “J.” (read as “Jay Dot”), which has several outlets throughout Pakistan.[5]. Jamshed got into a controversy when he endorsed Lays Chips in Pakistan. Several religious scholars criticized his statements saying Lays are halal.[4]

In November, 2014, Jamshed found himself accused of blasphemy and in December Sindh Police initiated an investigation into the matter.[5] [6] [7] [8]

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  1. I was always of service to my biological mother and have been defending honor of mothers of all believers, wives of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, through our collection in the Muslim Times.

    Junaid Jamshed’s choice of words could have been better, but in my opinion he did not commit any grave sin.

    But, the scholar condemning Junaid Jamshed in the first of these videos, and his like are the root cause of fall of Islam in the last 1000 years, by taking away freedom of speech from Muslim societies.

    Such emotionalism and encouraging of violence for any questionable speech is precisely, what is wrong with Blasphemy Laws and medieval Islam these days.

    Unlike Junaid Jamshed I do not live in Pakistan and do not have to travel to Pakistan, any time soon.

    I hope someone will share here the exact hadith on which the comments of Junaid Jamshed were based.

  2. I agree with free speech but the way Junaid jamshed had painted Hazrat Ayesha (RA) is also wrong. He basically compared her with these days ladies and created mount out of rye. These mullah should stop building up stories and amusements out of beautiful innocent and loving household life of holy Prophet (SAW). At the same token these mullah can say and do what they want to make out of Islam, treating Islam like their own brand or inheritance. But at the same time If poor Asia Bibi, a poor Christian laborer argue with her fellow Muslim laborer women, she is put in jail to rotten. This Pakistan, where raja Ranjeet Singh’s rule applies “Might is Right”? At least this what we were told about his rule in Punjab in our text books in Pakistan.

  3. Junaid Jumshaid was my class fellow in PAF college Peshawar from 1979-1981.He had very melodious voice.He was very popular and descent.I left Pakistan in 1989
    When one day I saw him on PTV as a tablighi.I was shocked and felt so sad about him.He recently joined PTI.
    Now I watch his videos,they are really amazing and heart jolting.
    Mullah the insane people are always behind creative artist.I have heard he owns a businesses in Karachi.
    Hadhrat Ayesha may Allah be please with her,was a very intelligent, pious and beloved wife of our Holy prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.There are a number of her incidents like this in the Hadiths.I don’t see him disrespectful.He just has his own designer way of narration. I hope one day he will accept the true Islam Ahmaddiyyat InshaAllah.

  4. Benjamin Franklin, 1722.Without freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom & no such thing as publick liberty without freedom of speech

    Read more: http://www.themuslimtimes.org/

    Benjamin Franklin was an inventor,genius,leader,Politician,reformer,hard worker.

    I went to Pennslvania,Phiadelphia in 1994, for the first time to take the last held FLEX(Federal Licensing Exam) for physicians.I passed it with the grace of God,with only 2 months preparation,and with 2 daughters. I visited Museums named after Benjamin Franklin.In Philadelphia he is like Quaid Azam and Einstein,Newton, a religious scholar combined.Benjamin Franklin holds a very high status in American History.

  5. Wah Wah, What a luxury to be in the FREEIST country.
    As for as Ben Franklin VS Napak mullahs, there is a Farsi Saying “chi nisbat khak ra ba alame pak”

  6. In Khyber Medical college,I had a class fellow Tayyaba,who attended Army Public school Peshawar for girls.She was a bitter opponent of Ahmadis,She would say foul language against Promised Messiah and Jamaat.

    I had to be patient,and kind to her because of anti-Ahmadi atmosphere. In the final year she gave me a card saying:
    stones and sticks can break my bones,but words can do no harm to me.This is what I have learnt from your patience and peace of mind.
    Hadhrat khalifatul Messiah 4th(may Allah have mercy on him)said in Kalam e Tahir;
    Hum nay tu sabaro-tawakkal say guzari bari
    Haan tum pay buhat hogi bhari bari
    we did our job with patience and trust
    Yes,your turn will be very hard

    May Allah have mercy on Pakistan .Our hearts are bleeding with them .Their grief is our grief.

  7. There is an army Public school for girls on the university road.I went there to take matriculation Exam or grade 10.My school was on another location,but Army Public school was huge regional school.We had base ball matches,athletics and physical training shows there,It had huge grounds,huge examination halls,.I remember we lost the baseball match as runners up.I won 100 meters race but lost 2oo,400,meters race.We won the physical training in 5,6,7,.I won cups there in three legged race with Tayyaba.We would get so excited and happy as we conquered the whole world,. Once we won a P.T show but some school objected that it was a dance.I had 4th position in grade 10 in my scool and my dad was not happy.I was first in grade 9. My memories have triggered
    because if the massacre of innocents boys and on the plight of their parents.I remember once I was walking and talking to my dad on the way for examination.It was urdu exam and we were discussing that knowledge is great wealth.My father told me that the Promised Messiah a.s said to his son Mahmmod,that neither knowledge is great nor wealth.He said Promised Messiah a.s said grace and blessing of God is superior to both.
    I am heart broken,and this had hit my heart.I said to the
    city t.v Toronto. City T,v came to mosque baitul-Islam Vaughan Toronto.I was invited by President of Canada Malick Laal Khan,since I belong to Peshawar.The news was on channel 7 Rogers.I had shed tears and prayed for my city.Right now my three brothers in Peshawar.Two of them are surgeons. MashaAllah I have six real brothers.I am the only sis of 6 bro.

  8. Lady Reading Hospital was a postgraduate institute. Fellowship and diploma,membership programs were there.Egyptian doctors were given admission for post graduation. In 1988 my Head of department was Dr.Imran.Dr Faiz was associate Professor. Assistant Professor was Dr Qazalbash
    Who had just returned from US after his diploma. His diploma was of 3 years.In LRH the diploma was of one year. Dr Imran and Dr Faiz had asked me not to tell anyone that I was an ahmedi.They said it could create problems for them.They were really happy for our dedicated house job.I used to tell them about real Islam and Ahmaddiyyat. The professors appreciated my wearing white scarf,overall all the time.They liked me being without make up.I told them a number of times about our 4th Caliph.Our hostel was near the emergency Department. It was called causality .The pathan Rickshaw driver and cab driers were usually very good. We would come to our hostel through emergency gate.The drivers would not take the cab fare insisting baji you had come in from the emergency gate. At that time there were number of suicidal bomb blast in Peshawar. A number of times we just narrowly escaped the bombblast.

  9. I don’t remember exactly where our beloved Hazarat Khalifatul Messiah 4th r.a, who said that the tragedy in Pakistan is that bullies are bold
    and descent people are coward.In my lab group KMC there was one student named Sameena. She had beauty with brain.She was the daughter of one of the 8 Judges who did the historic amendment of constitution of 1983 or in the writ petition.
    Sameena got married in the 3rd year with an army Captain.It was unusual for our studious fellows.She was I believe from Abbotabad. Unfortunately she had a car accident and was killed with her husband Rustam or suherab. It was 1983 .The place where she had accident is called Thandiyani. It was a sad news.She died so young in the 3rd year of medical college.She was social,vocal and was named bride for wearing heavy make up before marriage.Almost majority of student were modest,simple and without make-up.
    I had good terms with her.I even attended a party at her mansion like house in Peshawer. She was punctual in prayers and a practising Muslim.

    After her tragic death the female college students arranged Quran Khawani . They invited me to join ,it was in the front lawn of girls Cafeteria. I refused the offer.I was the only Ahmedi student in my class.
    All the group was shocked,as I was a religious person
    and had good terms with sameena.
    The Quran Khawani is a religious ritual in which they spread a neat,clean white sheet.They then distribute one part of the Holy Quran to each participant to read without meaning. Fathay Khawani is a ritual,when some one comes to mourn,all persons present say chapter al- Fatiha together and raise hands)
    Later on another common friend Ambreen(she was my class fellow from PAF college,it was her 5th year in my group.Her father was in Army) said I know you are an ahmedi. Ahmedis don’t do Fataha Khawani and Quran Khawani,She told me that her some relatives are Ahmedis.

  10. In 1974 I was in 5th grade. We had to vacate our flat.The antiahmedi group was coming to burn our home. We all moved to Badabair an Americans made residential colony.It was one hour drive.Badabair was barbed and walled air force colony.The mob came,my father had a tip from a number of sources.All books of the Promised Messiah were relocated.
    One day in school bus a girl started asking,one by one.She bullied all of us.Nobody said anything. When my turn came ,I said ,I am sunni.I was so afraid of her that she would hurt me.We were going to Badabair. I was the only new person.My two ahmedi cousins both girls were on the bus.I don’t know what did they say.I reached home ,went to the backyard. I started crying and pulled the leaves, crushed them. Our building was owned by Dr.Rehnan.PAF had this building on lease.Our neighbors were good except for one.They would do wall chalking kadiani Kafir hayn with coal on stairs.It was on sunahri masjid road.Our one Wahhabi neighbors who owned a huge departmental store on Mall road were helpful.Dr.Khalida Rehman wife of Dr.SaleemurRahman sahib stayed in that building for short period.
    In grade 6,our school and another school participated in a political rally for PPP.This was my first and last participation.The principals and teachers were with us.We walked through the sadar road. Mall road and finally sat down.I saw Begum Nusrat Bhutto up close. She was like an Iranian Queen.She was beautiful and gorgeous. They were aginst Wali Khan.Our flat was saved by a brave car dealer.He had the pistol. He turned away the mob.I was told later on.My mother later on during summer admitted us to Iranian consulate for Painting classes and Persian language for about two months.At that time we would offer congregational prayers. My father would cry a lot. This would make us sad.He was always an office holder of Jamaat.One time for about 4 years he wasQuaid Khuddamul Ahmaddiyyat. He has so many black and whit pictures with sabhibzada Mirza Tahir Ahmed.My parents hosted a number of guests from merkiz.He was also on a sensitive post in PAF,who had Masters in the Economics. He would ask us to finish Maths and English in summer vacation.
    Once he took my 5 brothers to Jalsa in December.In Mulaqat with Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah 4th r.a.He introduced my youngest brother and said,he is the last.Hudur smiled and said for now.My another baby brother was born in July 1977.He is in Islamabad Pakistan. My father is there with his grandson Eqan and grand daughter Inaya.May Allah safeguard every one there.

  11. There are some mistakes,but they are obvious.It is a truthful account in the above story.I had 3 ahmedi girls in my class.one of them is in Canada in Peace Village.Her father was also in PAF. He is visiting his four daughters in Canada.The other class fellow is in U.K.She was a daughter of professor in English in some college.
    I had the happiest,hardest time in PAF college.I had the freedom of expression,love and appreciation of my parents.

    My teachers loved and respected me.They knew me very well.When my father admitted me a lady office holder strongly objected.My father stood up for me.He said that this college is closet to our home and his office.He knew the Principal and me.He can frequently visit me and this was the best college in the Federal Board.We had semester system from grade 9-12.Results were declared annually. I had the 4th position in grade ten.
    I did not cover my head in the college,but outside the college I did cover myself fully.My parents knew this and didn’t complain.
    I was First in Physics ,second in Biology and second in aggregate.I was given the certificate in the annual convocation.My parents were so happy and humbly proud.I loved the saying on the top of our Principal.It was Honesty is the Best Policy.In the second year I was again first in Physics and 4th in aggregate.I was considered for a gold medal with two other girls.Teachers tied up and nobody was given gold medal in 1981.Our Principal was squarden Leader Shujjaa. My first cousin Dr,Aamir Shakoor now a neurosurgeon in Houston USA was JUnaid Jamshaid friend.They also played cricket together.
    I was considered for gold medal because of my academic and athletics performance. Saadia a daughter of a colonel was considered for her academics and as a Urdu winner urdu speaker.Lamya Khaliq a daughter of Wing Commander for academics and winner of English speeches.My marks were 724,Lamya marks were 734 and Saadia marks were 638.
    Lamya went to FJMC LAhore.Saadia went to Army Medical College Rawalpindi. My cousin went to Fasail abad Quaid e azam Medical college.My one best friend went to FJ she is still in Hamilton Canada and among my best friend,She is not ahmedi but a real friend.She has one daughter and one son.My other best friend Dr,Farzana Majid went to KMC.She runs a Hospital in Bhai Pharu near Lahore.Her husband is also a doctor.The pharmacy in the Hospital is run by her sister and brother of her husband married together.She has MashaAllah 2 boys and two girls.One of her dauhter is in KingEDward MC. The second one in Lahore MC.I seldom talk to her because she is too busy.She was not ahmedi but was like my bodyguard in PAF college , KMC and my housejob.
    We spent 8 years together day and night.
    I was fortunate that we had daughters of VIP people one year senior,Our college had a strict security.
    Daughter of Air Chief Marshal Anwaar Shamim(Saqiba Shamim)Daugfhter of Dr.Nasir a neurologist and professor of Medicine in KMC.He later became our Principal.Her daughter was Dr,Nadira .She also attended KMC.We had good terms.Dr.Sunnya daughter of famous Doctor Hamid Khan.She becme the daughterin law of Dr.Sardar Nishtar.Dr sardar Nishrar was son of famous politician Sardar abdul rab Nishtar.Ambreen Khattak daughter of a big buisnessman. She was also in KMC. Fawwad Aalim son of air voice Marshal.
    Saqiba Shamim was in athletics team.She was a good base ball player.Winner of Javelin throw and short arm put.
    I remember we participated in Islamabad for athletic competition.In that group Saqiba was like my best friend ,Tayyaba a strong anti ahmedi was in also in this group.
    We stayed in VIP TWO ROOMS at chaklala base.We were given treat in the Pearl continental by air Chief for excellent achievements.We travelled through C-130.We came back in PIA.It was my first journey in the PIA.Special treatment was given there as well.
    I had travelled by air but it was always free in c-130.I travelled in this air truck to Karachi,Pindi and Lahore.Once we came to Peshawer in the Helicopter of air Chief.It wasmy mom my sister and brother.The pilot was an Ahmedi.All praise belongs to Allah.I love PAF.PAF Zindabad.

  12. My one brother about 3 years older than me ,went to Edwards college Peshawer and then to Army Medical college.He is E.N.T surgeon and lives in Peshawer.He ritired as colnel.One of his son is in Austrelia,he is an egineer.The other son is in Karachi in some medical collehe.His daughters are young doing O level.The oldest brother a neurosurgeon now in peshawer is there to marry his son in 10 days.His only daughter will get marry this sunday in Islamabad Insha’Allah..His all 3 kids are in Pakistan.He had to do compulsory army service for one year.He then became a graded surgeon in army .He later on resigned the army paid a lot of money as a fine and moved to Karachi.My 3rd older brither joined as GDP cadet in sargodah.He was in the 72nd GDP.He could not cope there and did bachelors of Technology.He is MaSha’Allah a very successful business man well settled in Hyatabad Pwahawer.He never even thinks of migration.May Allah protect all Pakistan.He has 4 daughters.one of them is Dentist, the other one is in KMC and also went to PAF college.One of her daughter is in grade 10.One is in A level Masha,Allah.Gulalay, daughter of Wali Khan and one son of our principal Dr.Nasir a brave ,bold ,fearless yet very kind and wise with girls .He was a top neurologist.

    I was in the 5th year when my late younger sister was in the 1st year.She also went to PAF college with scarf on her head.She was taking a one year diploma in 2005 in Peshawer.She was in Jehlum woth her husband and three kids in Jehlum,when she had massive heart attack.She was undaerthe treatment of Dr.Noori a well known cardiologist.She passed away in three days.It was costing her husband an engineer mechanical about one lakh rupees daily.Her husband is a devout ahmedi.This shows the picture of a white-collar family.My father was totally unaware of the situation in Peshawer.He still cries for her.She was a president of chipboard lajna Jehlum.She developed asthma there.They lived in the vicinity of chipboard factory.First the owner a hardhearted major sahib had one machine for wood chopping. He increased to 4.There was always wood dust.In her big bunglow all the grass and flowers turned brown and eventually died.After her death I visited major sahib home.major sahib home was centrally air conditioned,married kids, they seldom spent
    their time there.They spent their time in Islamabad.
    My sister had 3 unit A.c.Surprisingly their light never went off in Pakistan really.She was a real woman of God.She even knew about her death.She had put her exact monry with the wasiat forum.Nobody had to face any probiem,she went straight to Bahishtee Maqbara.It was 20th july 2005.I was in the funeral procession.It was not hot even in Rabwah.It was raining slightly.The drizzle was like my tears from the sky.I saw her in the cold mortuary.She was cold,calm in the funeral home in Rabwah.It was the first year of that funeral home.I visited the Tahir Heart Institute and we stayed at DarulZiafat.In Daraul ziafat they take excellent care of people from outside Pakistan.Her dead body said to me look carefully I am not dead, I just have changed to invisible dress.Do not cry on my funeral.To Allah we belong and to Him shall we return. Environmental pollution is a global issue.

  13. Quaid said in the same college:There are two forces in the
    world.Power of pen and power of sword(Force).They both are fighting and in competition.
    There is a third power,the power of woman which is more powerful than both of them.
    He said to Islamia college for Woman.

    There is another 4th power, the One absolute Power the Power of Allah.
    There is a fifth power as well.The power of prayer.Insha,Allah

  14. In Peshawer ,when I was in grade 1 or 2 on Sunaheri Masjid Road,We had a hard working Ahmedi small-scale businessman.Yousef Sahib was a humble man.Qasim Rasheed the author of wrong kind of a muslim.My daughters love his book.They have the book.Since my married oldest daughter was secretary Tabligh in our Jamaat.She is a waqaf nau,She attended UNI of scarborough for 1 year.It was a long daily commute.She did the diploma in broadcast Journalism from Senneca college @ York university.She is now in Missisauga.She got marry on 29/12/2013.

    Once my brother older than me was doing some experiment with kerosene oil.The fire started, my mom,me and my other 2 siblings had gone to PAF Hospital.It was in Dr.Rehman building, we had the Ist floor.We had a non-ahmedi angelic neighbour Akhter Sahib.He was a medical-rep from Karachi an urdu speaking.He called the firebrigade that there is a fire in the flat.The fire brigade was not far,but the crew asked him to say in Pushto.He went to the car dealer pushto speaking daring neighbor.The car dealer called the fire brigade and warned them in hard harsh tone.The fire ambulance came in 5 min. My father was in the office .Allah saved my bro.our dining room and kitchen was burnt.I broke the charcoal from the wooden chair.My brother was scared but my father kissed and hugged him,.He was thankful that my brother was safe.He was a hidden genius but quiet.He is ENT surgeon.

    In 1990 we travelled from Nebraska to Chicago to meet a lawyer.We stayed at Respected Rasheed Yahya sahib house.I loved their kids.He had 3 sons and one daughter.The 2nd son was like his maternal grand father Tayyab.Someone told me he joined US army.Yahya sahib is now a professor in Jaamia Canada.

    I went to Chicago in 1995 for a residency interview in Paediatrics. I got even the 2nd interview.I went alone byair and stayed in a house of a ahmedi businessman.My brother knew him.He had 4 daughters and one son.
    The Hospital was in a Posh area on the water or lake front.Every thing went well.In the last moment I told him that I would join with the 3 kids.I never got the call.
    It broke my heart so I started reading the 5 volume Quran.
    I started watching more MTA.I completed the Holy Quran.I watched the Homeopatic,urdu,Quran classes of hudur.My 3rd daughter was born in 651996 with E_C_SEC.I developed a number of complications.It was an Indian Obstetrician DR,Dalia Ray.

  15. http://www.alislam.org/archives/year-2004.html

    2nd July 2004 Annual convention Canada Mississauga.

    The Mayor of Mississauga is an old lady with wrinkled face
    Hazel,who has been elected so many times.She probably has 2 sons.She is very healthy and active,Energetic.
    In this city a number of non Ahmedi Muslims live.It is called Begum Pur,The reason behind is men go to middle East to earn while poor women handle all the affairs single handedly.My daughter lives there near square I.Her apartment is 1914.My one non ahmedi friend from FJMC lived there.Her husband was the son of K.E.M,C(King Edwards Medical college) Lahore Akhter Sardar who runs a Chinese restaurant. Her sister in law is a working pathologist and owns a lab.Her sister in law has one son while my friend has one son and one daughter.Almost every one in the family is doctor.The husband of her sister in law is Pakastani Canadian Politician.

  16. Last night I went to see my neighbour Shumaila Saleem Khan she just lives across my street,She is non Ahmedi sunni Muslim .They just moved 4 months ago.They are tenants. Her husband family is Goldsmith.She has 4 sisters in Lahore.She came here to study,met her husband at here.Her real uncle was the Wali.Her husband works in night shift.She was watching Pakastani channel but Indian Program CID.
    I told her I don’t watch Indian Programs,but my husband watches a lot.
    I told her that the reason is I am Patriotic Pakastani. I never watched Indian movie or Drama back home.I watched a joint venture of Geo and India Khuda Kay Liay @ home(For God sake)/It was a very sad movie,I didn’t sleep @ night.
    The only Drama Indian I watched was 12 years ago on ARY.
    It was Zara se Zindagi (A very short life).This drama was ful of conspiracies.She has a 4 monrh old girl leeya Khan.
    It reminded me of my past.In 1990 after hard 4 months,we moved to 40, Fountain head road from 70, green dale ave .
    I had a daughter of 1 month.In this I met 4th Khalifa three times.First time I met her was in Jalsa volunteers meeting .I was nazima for 1st aid.The second time in Aamila meeting as a social services sec. Hudur liked the amila members and was very happy with them.The third time in Doctors meeting ,when someone asked to pray and said they all are BAYKAR(jobless).Hudur laughed and said I thought they are Bemar(ill).He then said to emigrate to a country where they can practice or to a country after passing licencing Exam.

    I started studying casually .My husband took admission in the Senneca College.

    1992 was the happiest year in Canada.We moved from 1 to 2 bed room apartment @ 1950 Kennedy Road scarborough.Our respected ameer national President Lal khan Malik also had lived there.I passed the FMGEMS part 2 in 1st attempt
    in July.I had my 2nd daughter in october @Branson Hospital North york.Hazrat Khalifatul messiah visited 3rd
    2ndtime in October.It was the opening ceremony of Vaughan Mosque.I met hudur in 1990 but not in 1992.I went to Pakistan for the 1st time with 2 daughters.It was for the wedding of my late sister(may Allah have mercy on her)

    My father in law(may Allah bless his soul) was not happy because my daughter was in the baby sitting.I was studying and with our move to Canada.We had asked him and took permission through her eldest daughter.He wouldnot talk to me on phone.
    During this period I walked a lot.I always walked to the libraries.I would walk 45 minutes to and fro.I would pray for my parents to come to Canada.My father did prayers for me fervently like Hadhrat Abraham r.a did for his progeny.He also promised me that he would visit me.He was satisfied with my studies.

  17. My dear husband has a good sense of humour, so do I but still we are totally different.I am from north west frontier province(NWFP)+Canada and he is mix of Baluchistan+Punjab+middle East+Canada .He spent about 14 years in Quetta,6 years in Punjab about 8 years in AbuDhabi. We have spent 24 years in Canada.We also spent 8 months in Abudhabi. First we went to USA and I wanted to live there happily ever-after but Allah Knows Better ,how we ended up here,but my soul is in USA and Peshawer. I have so many souls and so many wishes.

    There is a couplet from the poem :Solution
    At times I think but cannot conclude what is my soul require .
    I think of this I think of that my thinking mood is bad. by Naseem Saifee

    My husband is an faithful PPP Lover.I am PTI activist.My old brother in Virginia says ,It is O.K young Generation loves I.K.

    Our political debate gets heated and then our Psychologist daughter comes to our rescue.
    She says Abu behave like Mohammad, you know mom is super sensitive so please don’t annoy her.
    Then she turns to me and say be patient like prophet Mohammad .
    I say to her this is Dr.Faheem from USA Jammat speaking.
    We try to attend USA Jalsa Salana esp for our children. I also like Jalsa salana USA East Coast in Harris Burg more there as compared to Canada.I see their speeches working in my kids. Haaris is my youngest son who is Masha,Allah Waqaf nau.

    They also like to visit there because they have friendly cousins there.They also like to hear Naseem Mahdi sahib Naib Ameer of USA Jammat. They love how he leads the prayers.They grew up with his three young kids.Two of my kids were class fellows of Mahdi sahib som and daughter.My son and his son were in the same soccer team.My daughter and his daughter played together.They were on the same Bashir Street.

    Allah knows : Zain Bhika with lyrics

  18. In 2004 my brother in law had some issues with the owner of chip board factory Jhelum. He moved to Lahore alone to find a job.He went to Lahore alone and stayed with his sister who later died in the rail car accident. The railcar was going from Rawalpindi to Lahore.

    My late sister (may Allah bless her soul) moved to 11th Lalazar Hayatabad with his 3 kids to my parents home in Peshawar. She took admission in the diploma program of Ultrasonography. She had planned to open an Ultrasound clinic for women in Lahore. She admitted her son ,who was 10 in the Army Public school for 1 year from march 2004-April 2005.
    I had some health issues in December 2004 with 5 kids from 12-2.I had my hands full with so many responsibilities, that it made me overwhelmed. On the wrong advice of my one wrong neighbor I went to a Muslim Indian family doctor, who scared me to death.My husband and my husband’niece,my munani made me leave to Pakistan. 2005 was a tough year.My parents were alone on their own choice in Peshawar. My mom had renal failure for the last 5 years.
    I went there with my two sons.One was 6 and the other was 2.My father admitted my older son in nearby academy in Hyatabad Peshawar.
    My parents of course welcome us,but I missed my 3 daughters badly.My husband and my in-laws and of course my own parents wanted me to stay.They all wanted me to recover.
    My sister and my mother were taking care of me and my sons.Me and my sister would walk and talk together. I stayed there from Jan to march 2005.My brother in-law would come once a month.we woud pick Usama from Army Public School.Usama had school bus arrangements. It was the first time that I didn’t like Peshawar. It was the Last chance that Almighty Allah provided us two sisters to live together after we got married. My brother who lived nearby would cry for me.All my 4 brothers proved that blood is thicker than water.My one brother gave me gold bangals to make me happy. My father had a driver and car .We went to Wah,Abbotabd ,Rawalpindi. I didn’t go to Lahore. My father in-law had passed in 2003(may Allah bless his soul).In April 2005 I went to Karaci ,where my brother was head of department in Liaqat Hospital. We stayed in the premesis of the hospital.I begged my father to let me go.He sent me to Canada heavy hearted.My sister went to Jehlum in April again. The owner called them.
    She passed away in July 2005.The same year Hadhrat Khalifatul Messiah aba 5th came to Canada.He told me some homeopathic remedies .

  19. Tum Door Thay Tu Kiya Hua, Tum Mil Gaye – Junaid Jamshed, Vital Signs Album 1 – 1989

    Junaid Jamshed Naat Multazim

    Pukhtoon Forever

    Nazm: Mere Shehar Jal Rahe Hain (Urdu Poem

  20. Aik Dil Shishe ki Manind Howa


    Hadhrat Khalifatul Messiah 2nd (ra) writes in Kalam Mahmood:

    Heart is similar to a mirror
    It tells,even if it gets a hair like break

    I am frail and so are my all friends
    My God does all the work for me

    Beware! my doltish(short-witted)enemy what are you doing?
    you persecute the one ,who stands with the God

    Days and Nights belong to Him,Our life belongs to Him.
    The Divine Light falls on the heart of a believer.

    This candle shines this world from the divine Light of Allah,
    I do live in the company of my Beloved Allah

    The one who keeps the company of righteous

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