Trying to instill an economic collapse upon Moscow and Tehran,

Source: Daily Times:

One cannot resist speculating whether the US-Saudi oil alliance is intentional or a convenience of interests. If it is explicit, then clearly this alliance is trying to instill an economic collapse upon Moscow and Tehran, almost similar to what the US and Saudis did to the leaders of the Soviet Union a few decades ago. Squeeze them to the last drop and bankrupt them by bringing down the price of oil to levels below what is required for both Moscow and Tehran to finance their budgets with ease and control. Paul Richter of the Los Angeles Times agrees that both Russia and Iran are starting to feel the squeeze of lower prices, although he does not go as far as New York Times columnist Thomas L Friedman in speculating about a secret war. Economic pressure is keeping the rouble down but it is not expected to change Putin’s mind over his non-negotiable stance over Ukraine. As for Iran, an oil price of anything less than $ 100 a barrel will create crushing budget deficits and compromise Iran’s position regarding ongoing nuclear negotiations with the west.


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