True Caliphate promotes peace, not terror year, the true face of Islamic Caliphate has been obscured by the smoke rising from Iraq. Kindled by the horrific actions of militant extremist group ISIS, the conflict there has not only scorched the lands of Syria and Iraq, but has left in cinders the very principles on which the extremists claim to stand. True Caliphate is a spiritual leadership to promote peace, not political leadership to impose power. Understanding how and why extremists twist Islam to meet their own ends is vital in the ongoing fight against extremism.

A ‘Caliph’ is literally a ‘successor.’ When the Prophet Muhammad died, a system of Caliphate was established whereby successors were elected to act as a spiritual leaders of the Muslim community. This lasted around 30 years, after which internal divisions led to fractures within the Muslim community that still survive to this day. Regardless, everyone is agreed – anyone who claims to be an Islamic Caliph today is claiming to be a successor of the Prophet Muhammad. With that title comes certain conditions: conditions which the so-called Caliphate of ISIS certainly fail to meet.

Where to begin? Their compulsion in conversion directly violates numerous teachings of the Qur’an that instruct Muslims to only convey their message, and never force it onto anyone (2:256; 18:29; 10:99). Their aggressive territorial warfare is strictly condemned in the Qur’an, which only allows defensive warfare to safeguard the human rights of the innocent (22:39; 2:193). Their butchering of the innocent is anathema to Islam, which regards the murder of one innocent like the murder of all mankind (5:33).


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  1. dear abdul alim sb, assalaamalykum !

    I totally agreed with the caption “True, caliphate promotes peace not terror” but u know, for development destruction is the primary requirement!!!
    lets talk in a different way that do you remember that when this term “calipha” was used in recent past? why and who enforced us not to use this sacred leadership title? or simply, we just drop this title, which was in continuation of our ancestors from centuries? or you can say that why people of arabia forget this powerful word, which can unite the ummah under one flag or leadership? or do you agree the present kingship system is valid in Islam? or Islam permit us such type of kingship? my dear, it is a bitter fact that the dictator ship of kings in arab world devastated the true concept of one umma and one nation!!! Do you know the dark side of kingship? The fact of present day kingship is, they are united with the enemy of islam and against the islamic principal of simplicity, equality and prosperity for each individual muslim!!! They are working as an agent of west? and top of it, and fact is, they are sex mongers and corrupt in deepest form, which could be. They are just looting the wealth of that area to satisfy their lust,egos and throwing money in casinos,! while other brothers & sisters of arab world are fighting for their survivals!
    In the information era, the our world is very small, you cannot hide anything with common people or who is in need or who is doing what !
    The rise of isis is the result of the injustice in arab world ! you and I may have same opinion, on the way, isis is working but what do you think about the Islamic Leadership?

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