Dutch Lawmaker: “No Place For Islam” in Netherlands

Loonwatch: It’s not just Wilders, but other members of his PVV party who make grotesque statements about Islam and Muslims that should have no place in a 21st century pluralistic society. Interestingly enough, a major social democratic party, the PvdA is also being charged with facilitating a hostile attitude towards Muslims and Dutch citizens of Turkish descent.

Hurriyet Daily

Turkey concerned over ‘xenophobia’

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry had previously released a statement that complained to Dutch authorities about “aggressive and racist accusations” being made against the Turkish community in the Netherlands, and warned that the issue could harm bilateral relations.

Foreign ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgic said in a written statement on Nov. 26 that Dutch government officials had prepared a xenophobic report about Turkish associations in the Netherlands.

“Aggressive and racist accusations toward Turks who are part of Dutch society and who come from a friendly allied nation are unacceptable,” read the statement. “We have difficulty understanding why these racist attacks, which are incompatible with our long history with the Dutch nation, have been on the agenda recently.”

Turkish officials are also infuriated by a report stating that around 80 percent of young Turkish people in the Netherlands support jihadist movements.

Mosque purge suggestion

Adding fuel to the fire, a Party for Freedom (PVV) lawmaker in recently proposed that all mosques in the Netherlands should be closed. However, Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher said any closure of mosques in the country would be “unacceptable.”


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  1. I do not believe that the phrase, “There’s no place for Islam in The Netherlands” to be grotesque. It is merely sn observation that a great many Muslim immigrants to Holland want no part of being ‘Dutch’ and many Hollanders do not like the established enclaves of Muslims who make little attempts to assimilate. Resentment against ‘economic immigrants’ i.e. those coming merely for the social benefits, is growing. This is happening in other European countries, too, from the reports that I’ve read. Indeed, there are many ‘No Go’ zones where it can be risky for non-Muslims, even police, to enter the Muslim enclaves.

    It is different her in the US, from what I’ve personally experienced. I have had interactions with many Muslim immigrants, from doctors to shopkeepers, and all have appeared to adapt to becoming Americans by speaking English well and most dressing like Americans. Certainly many tend to live close to other Muslims, but there is no sense of them being enclaves as in Europe. It is rare that I’ve heard anything negative said towards them. No one has ever objected about the women who wear hijabs, that I’ve heard. If I did I would remind the objector about the devout Amish and Mennonite Christian women who wear bonnets to conceal their hair.

    I can appreciate European concerns over Muslims who refuse to assimilate as I would any group that acted in the same way no matter their culture or religion. If I immigrated to another country intending to stay permanantly, I would do my best to become, for the most part, as the locals are. I would identify with the citizens as I worked to become one. I would adopt their heritage as my own.

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