Reform the British Youth if you want to get rid of threat from ISIS

Huff Post: For months now the British government have been trying to reduce the threats we face from the ‘terrorist state’ ISIS. Home secretary Theresa May has raised concerns over jihadist returning from Iraq and Syria but fails to realize the greatest threat we face is home grown extremism. Even if the government is able to implement new laws that will see returning jihadists losing their passports they will not be able to confiscate their funding, training and desire to overthrow the western world.

Young Muslims in the UK face a great identity crisis; many are unable to distinguish their cultural values from their religious beliefs. Many find it hard to find someone to confide in and it doesn’t help that more often than not the people that can provide answers belong to the other side of a generation and cultural barrier that is too big to conquer. They are left feeling confused and often guilty for not knowing what Islam really stands for and what it takes to be a true Muslim.

A perfect case in question can be presented by Hamza and Mohommod Nawaz, who were jailed this week for conspiring to attend terror training camp in Syria. In 2009 Mohammad had been jailed for 6 years for blackmail, false imprisonment, kidnap and wounding. They are the perfect example of troubled youths who have had no guidance, and no hope. Extremists groups often target such youths claiming the only way they can be cleansed of their past, to get a clean slate, is to join their fight against everyone they believe is a threat. They use these young men and women to impose and fulfill their socio-political agenda under the guise of Islam, and the youth happily oblige in hopes of some sort of spiritual recompense.


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