Imam I. H. Kauser appointed as Ameer (National President) for the Ahmadiyya Community Australia

Imam I. H. Kauser appointed as Amir (National President) & Missionary In-charge for the Ahmadiyya Muslims Community Australia

Imam I. H. Kauser appointed as Ameer (National President) & Missionary In-charge for the Ahmadiyya Muslims Community Australia

On Thursday 16th of October 2014 hundreds of members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Australia welcomed their newly appointed Amir (National President) and missionary in-charge, Imam Inam-ul-Haq Kauser, at ‘Bait-ul-Huda’ (House of Guidance) Mosque in Blacktown, Sydney. A special delegation comprising of state and national executive council members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association and Ahmadi Muslim Imams from South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South wales received Imam Kauser at Sydney International Airport.

Imam Kauser is a well-known missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community who has served the community for more than 40 years in number of capacities in several countries around the world including USA for more than 32 years. He received his degree in ‘Islamic Theology and Comparative Religions’ in 1973 from the ‘Ahmadiyya Institute of Islamic Studies’ in Pakistan. The institute is formally known as ‘Jamia Ahmadiyya’ and has branches in seven countries including United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Ghana.

Imam Kauser has served in Pakistan (1973-81), Washington D.C. (1981-84), New York, New Jersey, PA states (1984-1990), Los Angeles CA, West Coast, Southwest Region (1991-2002), New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (2003-10), Illinois, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, and Missouri (2010-2014) as an Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. He has a very successful track record of working with communities, making bridges and spreading the message of peace, love and harmony.

Speaking about his new role and responsibilities, Imam Kauser said, “my life is devoted to the service of Ahmadiyya-Islam that teaches peace, harmony, interfaith dialogue and ‘Love for all, Hatred for none.” He said, “in my new role as an Ameer and missionary In-charge of Australia I will try my best to reach-out not only within the Ahmadiyya Muslim community but also to the wider Australian public and show them the beautiful teachings of Ahmadiyya-Islam that has nothing to do with any violence, hate, protest, extremism or terrorism.” He said Islam teaches worship of one God, peace and love of fellow human beings and it has nothing to do with any act of violence and extremism. He said, “my doors will always be open to the wider community members for any help and advice.”

Imam Kauser has spoken about Islam and comparative religions in number of international conferences, interfaith symposiums, Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Schools, Colleges, Universities and prestigious forums including the invocation prayers at the State Assembly of Pennsylvania. Imam Kauser is available 24/7 and can also be contacted via his direct email: for any inquires.

About Ahmadiyya Muslim Community:

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a dynamic, reformist and fast-growing international revival movement within Islam. Founded in 1889, the Community spans more than 200 countries with membership exceeding tens of millions. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the only Islamic organization to believe that the long- awaited messiah has come in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) of Qadian, India. Ahmad claimed to be the metaphorical second coming of Jesus of Nazareth and the divine guide, whose advent was foretold by the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad. The community believes that God sent Ahmad, like Jesus, to end religious wars, condemn bloodshed and reinstitute morality, justice and peace. Ahmad’s advent has brought about an unprecedented era of Islamic revival and moderation. He divested Muslims of fanatical beliefs and practices by vigorously championing Islam’s true and essential teachings.

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  1. Imam I. H. Kauser is a wonderful friend and we have some of his best work published in the Muslim Times:

    65 Reasons to Believe Jesus Did Not Die on the Cross

    May Allah make his presence a source of peace, mutual harmony and blessing for the whole of Australia.

    May Allah introduce Islam to Australia in the best colors, during his time and give him the best fruits of his forty years of hard work, with the highest yield in Australia.

  2. Imam Inam ul Haq Kauser sahib is wonderful person and great scholar of Islam Ahmadiyya. I had the honour to work with him as Qaid Khudam ul Ahmadiyya in Chicago before his appointment to Australia. He loves to work with Atfal and Khudam. And we all miss his presence here.
    May Allah be his protector and May Allah his presence in Australia be beneficial for Islam Ahmadiyya. Ameen.

  3. What an inspiration! He is so missed here in Chicago. Our heartiest Wishes and prayers are with him and his family. He is an asset of jamaat.

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