Ahmadiyya Muslims: British convention of a religious minority persecuted abroad spreads a message of love and peace

by Emily Dugan, The Independent

Ahmadis at the Jalsa Salana convention in Hampshire
The rise of Isis has raised the threat of terror in the UK and led to a summer of negative headlines about Islam – even pushing leading British imams to call for a fatwa prohibiting Muslims from joining the terror group.

But in a field in Hampshire on Sunday, more than 30,000 Muslims gathered to celebrate a very different face of their religion.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, whose motto is “love for all, hatred for none”, gathered in a specially created tented village for the largest Muslim convention in Britain. Their message was simple: peace, not jihad, is the true meaning of Islam.

Sunday was the final day of the Jalsa Salana (annual convention in Urdu). The three day event attracted Muslims from more than 80 countries around the world, who met to reaffirm their commitment to Ahmadi ideals of non-violence, neighbourliness and charity.

Jamal Akbar, 34, was among those volunteering at the event. He works in investment banking IT and coordinates Ahmadiyya charity programmes in his spare time. “I am very frustrated at other Muslims who portray this negative view of Islam because it’s not Islam they’re portraying,” he said.
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“There’s so much love and peace in the atmosphere here … I hope non-Muslims and Muslims alike will see the message that we’re portraying, that this is what Islam is all about.”

The current leader, or caliph, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, led tens of thousands of worshippers in Sunday’s pledge ceremony. Known as Bai’at, it involves followers pledging to keep to 10 main promises of the faith, including to pray regularly, not be overtaken by extremes of passion and be humble and cheerful. The proceedings were transmitted to a potential audience of 80 million Muslims worldwide.

Preaching earlier in the weekend, he said: “Terrorists who seek to justify their hateful acts in Islam’s name can only be condemned. They are motivated by a selfish desire to fulfil their own personal interests and ambitions … ignorant of the true teachings of Islam – of peace and tolerance.”

Ahmadiyya Muslims are not accepted in some countries, which is part of the reason the annual international convention is held in the UK and attracts so many worshippers from overseas. In Pakistan, for example, Ahmadis are a persecuted minority and the state refuses to acknowledge them as Muslims because they do not recognise Muhammad as the final prophet.

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  1. Good article but this is the view of the Independent newspaper.

    Jihad is a very important aspect of Ahmadiyya Islam, not murder in the name of God.

    Ahmadiyya Islam does indeed regard Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) as the final prophet. He is the first and the last.

    Despite their belief that Mohammad is the LAST prophet, most sunni muslims are still waiting for an old prophet(currently 2014 years old) to appear in the future.

  2. The problem lies with so-called Muslims that they do not see that hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian is Imam Mahdi and Masiha and a prophet in a new kind of prophethood, only available to the Ummah of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. Prophet Muhammad is indeed the last law bearing prophet. That is exactly the meaning given by great Muslim scholars Muhayuddin ibne Arabi, Mulla Ali Qari, Shah Waliullah Dehlavi and a few more (specially Maulvi Muhammad Qasim nanotavi rh.a. who died a few years before the writings of the promised Messiah a.s.).
    It is a fact that all so-called maulvis are not on correct path about quite a few things, as follows:
    1. The meaning of Khaatam. It is not last. The word for last in Arabic is “Aakhir”.
    2. Isa a.s. is not alive now but maulvis believe him to be alive against the express writings of the Quran and Hadith.
    3. The maulvis say there is not going to be any wahi now forever. That is wrong. In the Old Ummats (Ummas) even ladies received Wahi. Our Ummah is the best Ummah. It cannot be deprived of this gift of Allah, i.e. definite news of the future (Ghaib).
    4. Ahmadis believe that Quran is the last book and similarly, Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w.s. is the last prophet. His law is the last law and no new law bearing prophet will appear in the world.
    5. Ahmadis believe that Whenever any prophet will appear, he will be non-law bearing and he will be from the Ummah of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.
    6. Hazrat Aisha Rz.a. had advised the Muslims: “Say that he is Khaayam al Anbiyaa but do not say that there is no prophet after him.” It clearly indicated that the meaning of Khaatam is not “no prophet after him”. But maulvis do not agree to the advice of Hazrat Aisha Rz.a.
    7. Religion Islam is for complete peace. Islam means peace. There is no politics. Nowadays most maulvis are politicians, yearning for worldly matters, benefits. That is bad.
    8. Killing innocent people in the name of God is the worst crime on earth that the maulvis had been committing for long time. But now. when the chickens are coming home to roost, the maulvis are in trouble. Even the Saudi maulvis have started preaching against the violent Jihad.
    9. There is no unity amongst so-called muslims. They are divided in many factions and that is a symbol of Shirk, as mentioned in the Quran. For a very long time, different sects were calling every other sect people as Kafir. They do not have an Imam.
    10. It is promise by Allah that He will establish Khilafat amongst them if they are good believers and doing good deeds (Ch 24, verse 55/56). The so-called muslims do not have any Khalifah and many Maulvis are misleading them on many points.
    11. Important thing is that the maulvis are wrong about:
    a. wahi, b. Nabuwwat, c. About Isa a.s. being alive. d. about Khilafat, e. about understanding of Quranic words and verses.
    It is a long list. I want the Muslims to attend classes with Ahmadis to gain the real knowledge.

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