10-year-old girl converts Filipino maid to Islam

The gentle persuasion of a 10-year-old girl here has resulted in the conversion of a Filipino maid to Islam, a local newspaper reported recently.

The maid became a Muslim in the office of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Badea, Riyadh.

The newspaper quoted members of the family saying that they had placed no pressure on the woman to convert to Islam.

The family brought her books on Islam and the young girl sat talking with her about the religion on a daily basis.

After about two months, the maid told the girl that she wanted to convert and started crying.

She said it was the little girl’s talks with her about the beauty and benefits of Paradise that convinced her to become a Muslim.
The maid also said she was deeply affected by the good treatment of the family.

“I thought about the religion and what made a little girl think and speak about it all the time. I decided to think seriously about Islam,” the maid said.


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  1. When I was living in Bangkok my dear mother-in-law (may Allah grant her the best place in Paradise!) was living with us. We had a Myanmar domestic worker looking after her. (She was of Nepali origin, Hindu, and spoke Hindi). It was the persuasion of my mother-in-law, with some help of MTA which they watched together, that she also accepted Islam and Ahmadiyyat. Also – of course – without any pressure.

  2. The concept of Jannath/paradise is not acceptable to me. Similarly I do not subscribe to the concept of Judgement day. It is a shallow concept peculiar to Abrahamic religions. 1.On what basis the sinners/Gentlemen would be judged on Judgement day.It could not be based on Quran- which is just 1500 yrs old. 2. Quran Hariat sharia are peculiar to Arab culture 3. Human beings are evolving culturally,socially spiritually,phlosophically , Educationally etc 4. Even now in Andaman Islands ” human civilisation exists which knows no dresses. How would Allah judge a men/women who had lived and died in Andaman island without knowing any religion and moral code ? The person would reprimand Allah for not teaching culture etc. hence it is Allah who must be put to Naragam for his failure in the creation of our world and Human beings. So Judgement day is a false imagination/ inference which has no proof.

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