Pope Francis seeks an end to all kinds of torture


“None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.” The Holy Prophet Muhammad

Pope francis

Pope francis

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis is urging Christians to work together to abolish every form of torture, condemning the practice as a grave sin.

Francis told the public in St. Peter’s Square Sunday he wanted to reiterate his “firm condemnation of every kind of torture.” He sought united efforts to work for torture’s end and to support victims and their families.

Francis said it was a “mortal sin, a very grave sin, to torture people” and noted that Thursday marks the United Nation’s day for torture victims.

Torture was a powerful tool of the military regime ruling his native Argentina from 1976 till 1983. The local church hierarchy then openly sided with the junta.

Francis has been credited with saving lives of political dissidents while a Jesuit priest in Argentina.


The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s Comment:

These days I am finding myself, increasingly agreeing with social agenda of Pope Francis, despite the big doctrinal gulf that separates us.

Ultimately, I am in greater agreement, with Michael Servetus, who was burnt on the stake for exposing absurdity of Trinity.  I am indeed, in constant agreement with this great martyr of the sixteenth century, when he said:


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  1. May Allah bless this Pope and all those who stand up for peace and opose torture to any kind of life for I am one of those who were tortured to the extreme physically, emotionally and mentally. No one but my Allah saved me physically, emotionally and mentally…
    I hear the the infamouse torture chambers in deep basements of the Lahore Fort are now cleared from this centuries old abuse.

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