India: The “Message of Peace” Spread by Ahmadi Muslims in Bangalore

Information from Shahid Parvez Badruddin, Sec. Dawat-IlAllah, B’lore, India

A group of Ahmadi Muslim youngsters of Bangalore, have visited door to door in the Posh Indira Nagar Locality, spreading the Message of Peace and removing the misunderstandings about Islam.


About 20 members (mainly Khuddams) of the department of Dawat-ilAllah including 3 Atfals gathered in the morning of Sunday the 15th of June, strategized the Folder Distribution Drive for the Day and selected the different Blocks of Indira Nagar for distribution. Splitting up into 5 balanced teams they covered nearly 300 houses in 4 hours. Almost all the recipients at these houses gave very good response to the Daees. They appreciated the work of the Jamaat very much and said it was the need of the hour. Many rightly said that today the entire world sees Islam and Muslims in a totally wrong way and drives such as these could certainly help in removing a large amount of misunderstandings and suspicions.


The team_Please click to Zoom

Each of the teams were equipped with good material to hand out to the recipients, such as the Messages of Peace folders that contained the Messages of beloved Huzoor(atba) in them, introduction to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, folders about the real philosophy of Jihad, etc. in English, Kannada and Urdu. Many of the people whose houses we visited spoke about our community, asked how we were different from the other Muslims, what were our efforts taken for the betterment of the society, etc. Some even asked theological questions which were answered but our members.


Deep discussions also took place at a couple of houses which went on for hours, for example with a non-Ahmadi Muslim who was new to hearing about our community and was very interested to know in-depth of our beliefs. He was very delighted to get his personal doubts cleared on many issues on Islam.

At one of the houses where a team visited a lady was so overwhelmed with the efforts taken by us she offered fruits and money for their refreshment 🙂

Alhumdullilah, this was a very successful drive. It was a very good experience for all the members of the team and for many it was a good learning opportunity.


Request your prayers for all those who took part in this drive and for all those who have received our Message of Peace.

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  1. Wonderful Work done by Bangalore Jama’at Daees, May Allah reward handsomely to all those who participated this drive and helped in spreading the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat. Good Work..!!!! MashaAllah.

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