Acute as ever: ‘The Gulf Crises and the New World Order – by Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad

With the new developments happening in Iraq the book by Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad – Khalifa-tul-Masih IV. – is as ‘acute’ as ever.

You may study it on the following link:

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S#. Table of Contents
1 Cover Page
2 Profile of the Author
4 Note from translator
5 Foreword
6 Quotations from Sermons
7 FIRST FRIDAY SERMON August 03 – 1990: The Quranic procedure of settlement of conflicts
8 SECOND FRIDAY SERMON August 17 – 1990: The fatal consequences of the Gulf Crisis
9 THIRD FRIDAY SERMON August 24 – 1990: The real cause of protracted period of restlessness in the Middle East
10 FOURTH FRIDAY SERMON October 26 – 1990: An alarming conspiracy hatched against the Muslim World
11 FIFTH FRIDAY SERMON November 09 – 1990: The need to offer solemn and heart-rending prayers
12 SIXTH FRIDAY SERMON November 16 – 1990: The greatest danger facing mankind today
13 SEVENTH FRIDAY SERMON November 23 – 1990: The Quranic command of holding fast to the ‘Rope of Allah’
14 EIGHTH FRIDAY SERMON January 11 – 1991: Contradictory attitude of the Western Powers
15 NINTH FRIDAY SERMON January 18 – 1991: A war sowing sinister seeds of extreme unrest
16 TENTH FRIDAY SERMON January 25 – 1991: Fundamental difference between political wars and Jihad
17 ELEVENTH FRIDAY SERMON February 01 – 1991: The attitude of the Muslim countries in the Gulf War
18 TWELFTH FRIDAY SERMON February 08 – 1991: The reality of the new world order of President George Bush
19 THIRTEENTH FRIDAY SERMON February 15 – 1991: Latest situation of the Gulf War
20 FOURTEENTH FRIDAY SERMON February 22 – 1991: Optimism of the United States and its allies
21 FIFTEENTH FRIDAY SERMON March 01 – 1991: Advice to the world of Islam & to the Third world countries
22 SIXTEENTH FRIDAY SERMON March 08 – 1991: Comprehensive advice to transform the dream of World Peace into reality
23 SEVENTEENTH FRIDAY SERMON (extract) March 15 – 1991: A special appeal for prayers for peace in the Muslim world
24 Sampling of public opinion on the Gulf War

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