US minorities on pace to be majority in months, not decades

global post: by Maria Hinojosa —

NEW YORK — The demographic transformation of the United States of America is one of the greatest untold stories of our time. That is thanks in part to widespread underreporting in our mainstream media.

Already, more than half of the babies born today are non-white and while conservative estimates say the United States will be majority non-white in three decades, there is a new prediction that places that reality in a much nearer future. Guy Garcia, President for New Mainstream Initiatives at EthniFacts, says the magic date on which non-white America will go over the cultural diversity edge is August 22 — of this year.

Using metrics that treat not just racial or ethnic numbers as factors, but also white “allies” — those whites whose children have married non-whites, who have a gay family, or who have proximity and acceptance to diversity — Garcia has developed aCulturEdge Countdown Clock. That clock tells us that the minority will become the majority on that day in late August, at precisely 7:56 p.m.

It’s not the future, people. It’s now.

And yet Latino and African American communities are too often dismissed as subjects while at the same time being courted as consumers and voters by media, politicians and the like. But who is telling the story from the perspective of the people on the front lines of these communities?


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