D-Day: Exploding the myths of the Normandy landings

Source: CNN

(CNN) — Anniversaries are useful moments to pause and reflect. For the 70th anniversary of D-Day and subsequent campaign in northern France, it is also an opportunity to look at the past in detail and ask how much of what we think we know is true and how much is well-entrenched myth. Not only is it more interesting, it is also of greater worth as we plan for the future and pray there will never be a conflict like World War II again.


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  1. the BIGGEST myth is that WWII was to save democracy. This war was about who would reap the spoils of India, Africa, Asia and the resources that were necessary to build up the age of the internal combustion engine.

    One party of Gog and Magog won. The next go around is coming, but it’s the same issue. Let’s see who wins this time, or if there will be any winners at all.

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