Month: May 2014

Let’s play Blasphemy, Blasphemy! All religions preach love, harmony, peace, tolerance and brotherhood. This is a common argument heard at several interfaith conferences. However, once you start getting into the nitty gritty of things, each religion has something that can be considered blasphemous by others. Hinduism’s polytheism is a direct challenge to monotheistic […]

Muslim Men: Please shut up about women!

Atmuslimah: by Amanullah De. Sondy — A recent Pew Research Center study indicated how “people” in various Muslim countries “prefer” Muslim women to dress. The results are varied from fully veiled dress to no veil at all. There seems to be no turning away from public interest in Muslim women and the […]

Visa-less PM Modi.

Source: The Economist: Read the details at this LINK. Obama’s inaction on the visa is inexplicable. Did Obama’s respect and affection for Manmohan Singh deter a clear-headed presidential assessment of Modi’s potential importance to the US? Did Obama hope that Rahul Gandhi would somehow conjure up an electoral victory and […]

Iran’s role in the Middle East grows

STORY SUMMARY Iran’s role in the Middle East grows A few months ago we pretty much hit the bottom in violence and political discord across the entire Middle East, with active wars and insurgencies and daily terrorism defining many quarters of the region. These two are Iran-United States relations, in […]