Month: May 2014

Egypt’s New Strongman

Source: NY Times: CAIRO — Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the former army officer soon to be Egypt’s president, promises to remedy Egypt’s crippling fuel shortage by installing energy-efficient bulbs in every home socket, even if he has to send a government employee to screw in each one. “I’m not leaving a […]

Notable Female Leaders

Bio. — Aside from their gender, female leaders don’t have much else in common. Some have brought peace to troubled lands, while others have strewn discontent. Some have been competent or brilliant, others inept or corrupt. They come from political positions ranging from arch-conservative to ultra-leftist and represent all the […]

Fisk tells of life in Middle East

MARY FOGARTY – UPDATED 22 MAY 2014 03:02 PM ACCLAIMED journalist Robert Fisk was in Enniskerry recently, where he was interviewed by David McWilliams for a live and enraptured audience. Fisk lives and works in the Lebanon, basing his existence around a flat in Beirut. He is the Middle Eastern […]

Pakistani doctor given UN award on child health — ISLAMABAD: The World Health Assembly has rewarded a Pakistani physician, Dr Zulfiqar Bhutta, for his global work on child health and newborn survival. World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-General Dr Margaret Chan announced the ‘Ihsan Dogramaci Family Health Foundation Prize’ for Dr Bhutta at a session of the assembly […]