Month: May 2014

Delusions of superpower

STORY SUMMARY In an attempt to frame America’s new foreign policy approach as less interventionist and more diplomatic, U.S. President Barack Obama Wednesday spoke of his country’s recent so-called achievements. U.S. military intervention appears to have inflamed, rather than reduced, legacies of bloodshed. While it is impossible, he said, to […]

Program turns beggars into enterpreneurs

JEDDAH: P.K. ABDUL GHAFOUR Islamic micro-finance, which is based on profit-sharing and does not charge interest, can play a significant role in alleviating poverty and transforming the poor into successful entrepreneurs, said Mamoon Al-Azami, a senior community development specialist at the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank (IDB). “Nobel Laureate Mohammed Yunus […]

I approached Islam with open mind

Afrah Alshaibani was a conservative Christian, who since teenage began asking questions regarding the conflicting doctrines in her religion. Later after having married to a “non-practicing” Muslim, she got many answers to her queries from him that made her embrace Islam. EVER since I can remember, my family attended a non-denominational […]

Muslim leaders ‘accept Robinson apology’

A delegation of Northern Ireland’s Muslim leaders has accepted an apology from Peter Robinson over comments he made about followers of the religion. The first minister had told the Irish News on Wednesday he would not trust Muslims involved in violence or devotees of Sharia law. But he said he would “trust […]

‘I didn’t mean to insult Muslim community’: Northern Ireland’s Peter Robinson claims Islam comments ‘were misinterpreted’

Peter Robinson insists remarks in support of pastor who compared Muslims to the IRA were “hyped up” and “given a meaning that was never intended” Northern Ireland’s first minister, Peter Robinson, has said he did not “want to insult” the Muslim community after he defended a pastor who branded Islam […]