Month: May 2014

Iran’s secret drug addicts

Toronto Star, 2014/05/18 A growing number of Iranian women have habit so taboo in this traditional Islamic society that some believe they deserve death. View 2 photos zoom MARYAM RAHMANIAN / The Washington Post At a female-only rehab centre on the outskirts of Tehran, a small band of women are […]

FGM: Not in Religion’s Name!

Source: Farooq Aftab: Spokesperson Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Worldwide & AMYA UK, Lawyer, Human Rights Advocate, News Commentator, Writer & Public Speaker/Trainer on Islam Recently, thousands of British Muslim men who make […]

The murder of reason

Credit: By Irfan Aslam Only five bul­lets were nee­ded to si­lence Multan’s brav­est son, Rashid Rehman. Those who mourned his death were many: the weak and the des­ti­tute, sin­gle wom­en with­out fam­i­ly sup­port, land­less peas­ants, bon­ded la­bour­ers work­ing in brick kilns and farms, and of course, Junaid Hafeez and […]