Month: May 2014

Woman faces death in Sudan for apostasy

Telegraph: Christian woman sentenced to death for refusing to convert to Islam after being raised as a Christian.   A heavily pregnant Christian woman in Sudan has been sentenced to hang for not being raised as a Muslim. Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, 27, was convicted on charges of apostasy, or the abandonment […]

Accept Ahmadiyya and go to Jail?

Source:HRW (Beirut) – Saudi authorities should immediately release two citizens held without charge for two years because of their religious beliefs, Human Rights Watch said today. Officials arrested Sultan al-`Anzi, 33, and Sa`ud al-`Anzi, 35, on May 14, 2012, and have not responded to multiple requests from Human Rights Watch […]

The tyranny of certitude

Source: ET The Senate recently passed a bill that seeks to punish anyone desecrating a grave with a life sentence. The news came as a great relief because with all the good friends, acquaintances and committed people around dying at quite a fast pace, one is, at least, relieved that the state […]

Which foundations for postwar Syria?

STORY SUMMARY Brahimi’s departure is to a large extent a consequence of President Bashar Assad’s decision to stand again for the presidency in June, which undermines efforts to negotiate a transition in Syria. But beyond what it means for a negotiated settlement in Syria, Assad’s decision to seek re-election poses […]

For Palestinians, the ICC path beckons

STORY SUMMARY Seventeen respected international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and prominent Palestinian groups Al-Dameer and Al-Haq, this week urged the Palestinian government to promptly join the International Criminal Court and use it to end a lack of accountability for alleged crimes committed by both sides […]