Geert Wilders on ‘slippery slope’, Jewish group states


A Dutch Jewish group has attacked Geert Wilders for building alliances with far-Right-wing parties such as Marine Le Pen’s Front National.


Geert Wilders on is on a “slippery slope” by forming a European election alliance with Marine Le Pen and an Austrian far-Right party with a “Brownshirt past”, a Dutch Jewish group has warned. The warning from the influential Information and Documentation on Israel Centre is damaging for the Dutch Freedom Party leader because anti-Semitism and Nazi ideology is a political taboo in the Netherlands.

Esther Voet, the director of CIDI, accused Mr Wilders of breaking previous promises not to work with anyone with links to Fascism, anti-Semitism or Holocaust denial.

“He has always said he will not join up with the extreme right but now this is happening,” she told De Telegraaf newspaper. “It is a slippery slope.”


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