Ahmedi man held for ‘desecrating’ Quran amid rampage

Dawn.com: by Gohar Ali Khan —

HYDERABAD: A number of residents of various localities of Tando Allahyar city and activists of religious parties took to the streets against alleged desecration of the Holy Quran and attacked the home-cum-worship place of a man belonging to the Ahmedi community for his involvement in the alleged sacrilege.

The charged crowd rushed to Tahir Ahmed’s place and went on the rampage in the worship place on the ground floor. He took refuge on the upper floor, where his family lived, and the crowd did not pursue him there.

A heavy contingent of police and Rangers arrived at the spot and detained Mr Ahmed while protesters threw stones at the suspect and injured him.

According to sources, 12-year-old Salman was coming from a seminary in Mansoor Colony, Tando Allahyar city, when he was intercepted by two men riding a motorbike and snatched the Quran from him and beat him up.

More:  http://www.dawn.com/news/1097014/ahmedi-man-held-for-desecrating-quran-amid-rampage


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