eDigest: Kerry: ‘Mistake’ To Demand Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State


There should be no compulsion in religion. Surely, right has become distinct from wrong; so whosoever refuses to be led by those who transgress, and believes in Allah, has surely grasped a strong handle which knows no breaking. And Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. (Al Quran 2:257)

  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

Lead post collected by Rafiq A. Tschannen, Associate Chief Editor of the Muslim Times


Kerry: ‘Mistake’ To Demand Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State

Source: Jerusalem/PNN U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday that Israel’s insistence on demanding the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state is “a mistake”, Haaretz reported…

Our Collection about Separation of Mosque-Church and State

In the Muslim Times we have a category, ‘Separation of Mosque-Church and State,’ which is under ‘Law and Religion,’ tab in the menu below the picture of the Mosque of…

‘Separation of Church and State to remain Intact’ – Russian Patriarch

Epigraph:  There should be no compulsion in religion. Surely, right has become distinct from wrong; so whosoever refuses to be led by those who transgress, and believes in Allah, has surely…

Islam, modernity and women’s rights

Express Tribune: by Ayesha Ijaz Khan — The question has often been asked: does Islam give women rights or take them away? Surely, the concept of justice and equality for…

First lady Tonette Walker speaks to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Oshkosh

the Northwestern.com: by Nathaniel Shuda — Women from all walks of life can make meaningful contributions and take on leadership roles no matter what their background or beliefs. That was…

Women’s Power

Suppressed History Archives — by Max Dashu What does that mean? Women who openly display their power, knowledge, and skill, receiving public recognition and honor. But also females who manage…

Second Coming of Jesus already here

By Imam Shamshad A. Nasir of Baitul Hameed Mosque – 11941 Ramona Ave., Chino, CA 91710 After the death and resurrection of Jesus (peace be upon him) as believed by Christians,…

Ron Paul: US shouldn’t meddle in Ukraine

Source: Russia Today Former presidential hopeful and long-time lawmaker Ron Paul told RT that he doesn’t think the United States should get involved any further in the escalating situation in…

Pakistan PM approves new counter-terrorism measures

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif approved the formation of a rapid response force and a national intelligence directorate Tuesday to boost efforts against a decade-long Islamist insurgency, his office…

Russia: New Family Code to protect traditional family, religious values – key lawmaker

Published time: March 04, 2014 13:41 RIA Novosti / Maksim Blinov   The head of the lower house committee for family issues has described a new set of legislative amendments…

Collection of Articles: Religion and Science Conflict?

Epigraph And those who disbelieve say, ‘It (Quran) is naught but a lie which he (Muhammad) has forged, and other people have helped him with it.’ Indeed, they have brought forth an…

Is the Bible Literally True? No, of Course Not!

The Huffington Post: By Steve McSwain, Author, Speaker, Counsel to Faith-Based Organizations and Congregations, and a Spiritual Teacher Most people could care less whether it is or it isn’t. If you’re reading…

5 things you didn’t know about Islam and Europe

  we are all just distant relatives. Why not share this with some Europeans or Muslim friends of yours and watch the bridging of that fictionalized ‘gap’ between us? 1. LATIN…

New Christian Survey Suggests Science & Religion Are Compatible

Source: The Huffington Post By  David Freeman Are science and religion incompatible? That seems like a rational conclusion, especially in the wake of last month’s combative evolution-vs.-creationism debate, which pitted “Science…


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