Qur’an quotation for today: Tell My servants that I am surely the One Most Forgiving, the Merciful

64.    Tell My servants that I am surely the One Most Forgiving, the Merciful


[15:50] Tell My servants that I am surely the One Most Forgiving, the Merciful;

[39:54] Say, “O My servants who have committed excesses against their own souls! despair not of the mercy of Allah, surely Allah forgives all sins. Verily He is Most Forgiving, Merciful.

[5:35] Except those who repent before you have them in your power. So know that Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.

[31:17] ‘O my dear son! even though it be the weight of a grain of mustard seed, and even though it be in a rock, or in the heavens, or in the earth, Allah will surely bring it out; verily Allah is the Knower of all subtleties, All-Aware.

[65:13] Allah is He Who created seven heavens, and of the earth the like thereof. The divine command comes down in their midst, that you may know that Allah has power over all things, and that Allah encompasses all things in His knowledge.

[8:25] O ye who believe! respond to Allah, and the Messenger when he calls you that he may give you life, and know that Allah comes in between a man and his heart, and that He it is unto Whom you shall be gathered.

[8:26] And beware of an affliction which will not smite exclusively those among you who have done wrong. And know that Allah is severe in requiting.

[8:41] And if they turn their backs, then know that Allah is your Protector. What an excellent Protector and what an excellent Helper!

[14:43] And think not that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only gives them respite till the day on which the eyes will fixedly stare,

[26:81] ‘And when I am ill, it is He Who restores me to health; [26:82] ‘And Who will cause me to die, and then bring me to life again;

[40:69] He it is Who gives life and causes death. And when He decrees a thing, He says to it only, ‘Be!,’ and it is.

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