Charity unlimited: Saudi woman, 80, donates SR500m — all her wealth


Published — Tuesday 4 March 2014

Saudi Arabia is not only one of the largest Arab countries but is also home to several large-hearted people, gender and age no bar. From an 18-year-old girl to an 80-year-old woman, not to speak of other citizens, they have displayed their compassion for less fortunate fellow human beings by donating generously from their wealth.
Take these recent acts of generosity. An 80-year-old woman donated all her wealth estimated at over SR500 million to various charity associations. Just days before the octogenarian’s heart-warming gesture, an 18-year-old girl donated SR50 million, while another person parted with SR120 million for similar purposes.
Badr bin Mohammed Al-Rajhi, a businessman, triggered a cyber storm of congratulatory messages on social media platforms when he tweeted about these donations on his Twitter account. “A woman aged 80 donates all her wealth and her wealth exceeds SR500 million. May God accept it and bless her,” Al-Rajhi tweeted on his Twitter handle @badr_alrajhi. The businessman is also credited with bringing the other acts of generosity out in the open just before the elderly lady’s massive donation.
Reacting to the donations, Social Affairs Ministry spokesman Khalid Al-Thubeiti said: “The ministry is never late in helping people who are in need and they find them and help them with such donations given by people.”
Several people reacted by posting praise for the 80-year-old woman, whose identity or location has not been revealed.
“She is an example of charitable Saudi women,” said one post, while another said: “May God Almighty reward her for this great benevolent work.”

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