Evidence from Books of Medicine – Refutation 2c of Christian Doctrine

So as it was already shown in a previous note, Jesus was on the cross for merely six hours at a real stretch. Surely, that is not enough time for death by crucifixion which tended to take at least two to three days (especially if the victim’s bones were not broken). This punishment as decided upon by Pilate was extremely unfair. But was Pilate not sympathetic to the cause of Christ? He was a man of good heart who repeatedly attempted to save Jesus from affliction. But he was afraid of the Jews and afraid of his Cesar. But the dream his wife had about Jesus’ innocence was a sign that God wanted Jesus to be saved. Pilate must have understood this and subsequently took action to ensure Jesus was saved. He knew that Jews took the crucified down before the Sabbath. Knowing so the afternoon before was chosen to be Jesus’ time of crucifixion. Indeed the subsequent meeting between Pilate and Joseph of Arimethia (a secret and powerful follower of Jesus) is quite interesting where Joseph is allowed to take Jesus’ body.

Is it not true that Joseph, Jesus’ step father saw several dreams through which angels guided him to fulfill God’s plan for Jesus. When worried about his marriage to Jesus’ mother did not God guide Joseph through a dream? Wasn’t the same Joseph also guided by an angel to leave for Egypt so that Jesus may be protected? And again it was through a dream that an angel informed Joseph that it was safe to return to Israel. So it is the way of God that He shows such dreams to ensure the safety of his beloved ones. This was the way employed by God to save Jesus all those years ago. Did the dream shown to Pilate’s wife go to waste then? Can it be attributed to God that Pilate’s wife received a warning from God that achieved no end and could not save Jesus? What was the whole point of the dream then? In fact the dream is positive evidence that God wanted Jesus to be saved and through the governor, Pilate, Jesus was saved. People can go and believe what they want but no doubt an honest mind’s conscience will be affected by this evidence. Pilate was not brave enough to take the Jews head-on so he secretly arranged for Jesus’ safety by ensuring circumstances that guaranteed his safety. And one method to ensure his safety was by arranging for Jesus’ crucifixion on the afternoon before the Sabbath knowing full well that Jesus would be taken down before then.

Taken down Jesus was and it is written he was “buried” in a tomb. But it should be understood that Jesus’ tomb was not some enclosed case. Rather it was a spacious compartment. One that humans could enter and exit. But the real point to be noted is that Jesus was brought herbs to his place. And an ointment containing the herbs was used on him. This ointment is revealed to us as Aloe and Myrrh. Look at the books of medicine and understand that Aloe and Myrrh are but of medicinal value. Their application to a dead body makes no sense. And John who reported this was quite puzzled himself. So he concluded it was a Jewish ritual. But there was and to this day is no evidence of any such ritual in Jewish history. And if someone can bring some evidence they would be most welcome.

In fact this argument from medicine cannot be overcome because Marham-e-Isa (The Ointment of Jesus) is a well documented set of herbs with medicinal value found in medical books compiled since ancient times. So, in his thousand year old Canons of Medicine, the late and great Ibn-e-Sina (Avicenna) mentions the ointment to be effective for wounds. It is specifically mentioned there as the ointment applied to heal Jesus’ wounds. Moreover, medical books that number in thousands point to the ointment being specifically prepared for Jesus’ wounds and very effective to that end.

See how great a sign of God this is that several books dating well before the Islamic era and after it and originals and translations of which are available in great libraries ALL OVER THE WORLD state in no uncertain terms that the ointment known as Marham-i-Isa was prepared to heal the wounds of Jesus Christ in particular. What a great proof that has crept itself into and stayed in books for so long. This sign was was brought to its effective use a hundred years ago when the Promised Messiah was to prove the survival of Jesus on the cross. A small list of these books can be seen by clicking here. And if anyone lives near a great library a copy of one of these should be easy to find.

So these evidence should make it even clearer that Jesus Christ could not have died on the cross. Time did not permit it. Pilate did not permit it. And of course ultimately God did not permit it. For God listens to the prayers of His loved ones. Only some of Jesus’ close disciples were in on the secret and took healing ointments to him to that effect. This then concludes the third part of this treatise. And those who have read this with patience deserve my gratitude. But they are also urged to ponder over the truths that stare them in the face. And not to reject them on biases. Is it the way of honest humans to reject the truth? Is it the way of the righteous to hold on to beliefs with shaky foundations? Is it the way of the honest to make extraordinary conclusions when ordinary conclusions exist? Wake up, oh Christians, for the time for your slumber is nearing an end and either you or your children will be forced by reason to accept these truths. If Jesus did not die on the cross then what religion are you holding on to?

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