Australia: Ahmadiyya Muslims are Number ONE in Clean Up Australia Day 2014 Engagement


The Ahmadiyya Muslims Association of Australia has a long and well established track record of enthusiastically taking part in Clean Up Australia Day and 2014 is no exception!


Men, women, children and elderly will come forth in large numbers in their local communities nationwide and help with cleaning up the local environment.

Such events have a special significance for Ahmadiyya Muslims because Prophet Muhammed (Peace be Upon Him) once said: “Cleanliness is half the faith.” [Hadith Book of Sahih Muslim]

The concept of cleanliness is very vast in Islam as it includes both inner cleanliness (spiritual) and outer cleanliness (physical). Spiritual excellence generally requires a minimum level of outer cleanliness too. As such, Clean Up Australia Day is very opportune day for a collective demonstration of one part of the faith that is normally not very visible to others. Ahmadis nationwide actually act upon what they preach.

The significance of this occasion is enhanced further by the fact that “Love for All and Hatred for None” is a globally recognised motto of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association and this is something that extends to the environment we live in too. If we don’t love and care for the environment that we live in then we are likely to fail in creation of loving and caring communities where citizens can live their lives in peace and prosperity.

The enthusiasm of Ahmadiyya Muslims for the clean-up day can be gauged by the fact that on , as of 25th February 2014, 4 out of top 5 positions for most volunteers are held by various branches of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association. Likewise, 2 out of top 5 positions for most fundraising are held by two branches of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association.

For media coverage, please immediately contact Ramzan Sharif (Sec External Affairs) on 0435180498 or email: ramzansharif at

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