Bangladesh court sentences JI leader to death

 CHITTAGONG: A Bangladesh court on Thursday sentenced 14 people to death, including the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), over a massive arms smuggling racket ten years ago.

JI leader Motiur Rahman Nizami, 70, was sentenced to hang after being convicted over the racket involving 10 truckloads of arms seized by police at a Bangladesh port.

“The judge sentenced 14 people including …. Motiur Rahman Nizami, to death on smuggling charges,” prosecutor Kamal Uddin Ahmed told AFP from the southern port city of Chittagong.

“We’re satisfied with the verdict. This is an unprecedented case and all those accused have got due justice,” Ahmed said.

Prosecutors said Nizami, who was industries minister at the time, helped unload the weapons that included 4,930 sophisticated firearms, 27,020 grenades and 840 rocket launchers in April 2004.


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  1. I salute the Great Bangali People. Cannot imagine this to happen in Pakistan. Finally the JI leaders getting what they deserve.

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