Portugal: Extent of Loulé Islamic bathing complex revealed

Excavations in the historical centre of the southern Portuguese town of Loulé have now revealed the layout of the public bathing complex, one of the most complete on the Iberian Peninsula, archaeologist Alexandra Pires told Lusa Monday.

In addition to the hot, tepid and cold bathing rooms, the most recent discoveries have extended to the cold water tanks, latrines and patio of a complex dating back over a thousand years.

Pires explained how the archaeological discovery stemmed from digging out the space needed to install a rainwater catchment tank that would now have to be otherwise located.

The local council has already announced a project to develop the site from both a historical and touristic perspective in partnership with the Mértola Archaeological Field with the site in the meanwhile covered over for protection.

Pires furthermore explained that while the bathing complex was not as well preserved as some in Spain, the Loulé complex stood out because they were public baths located at the entrance way to the city rather than the palace based baths surviving to a greater or lesser extent elsewhere in Iberia.



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