UK: Baitul Wahid Mosque goers say 'to create disharmony' is 'not the Ahmadiyya way'


‘Weird’ may not be too off the mark here,” said another local, noting that the Hounslow council has been officially termed as un-neighborly in the past.

Cooperating with Bristol Planning Inspectorate, the leaders at a mosque in Feltham have removed a dome and signage that would have created a discord with local authorities.

Baitul Wahid Mosque in Feltham has complied with the local ordinance saying ‘it is not the Ahmadiyya way’- to create disharmony in any way.

The mosque in Hanworth Park cooperatively opted to remove its dome and signs after planning appeal was turned down by Inspectorate citing the dome was ‘incongruous.’

According to a local newspaper report, the Hounslow Council said they had refused a Planning consent for a dome structure and signag. “The applicant appealed our decision, but this was dismissed…,” Council was further quoted to have asserted.

Some area locals found the Council’s position absurd.

“It sounds pretty bizarre to begin with,” said one local. “To term a dome as an ‘incongruous‘ part of a mosque structure is nothing short of weird.”

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