India: Seminar on Changing Trends in Panegyric Literature on Prophet Muhammad

Source: | By TCN News,

Kozhikode: Research papers are invited for an academic seminar organized on the topic of “Versifying Sacred Love: Changing Trends in Panegyric Literature” organized by Samastha Kerala Sunni Student Federation (SKSSF) on January 20th, 2014 at University of Calicut.

Spiritual Attraction towards sacred Personalities has been a key inspiration for producing countless qualified literary works in all languages through ages. Literature extolling Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has contributed to this genre called Panegyric in a big way. From highly celebrated poetical renderings in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Turkish, Pushtu and other languages which are termed as culturally more Islamic to a number of literary expressions of prophetic love in most of international and regional languages, the panegyric literature on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would really amazing in its diversity in terms of styles, meanings, approaches, etc. Looking from the context of Malabar, the proposed seminar intends to add new dimensions in to an academic approach towards surveying, assessing, evaluating the changing trends in the panegyric literature in Arabic, English and Malayalam languages.

Sub themes:
Works on prophet (PBUH) in Malayalam literature
Prophet (PBUH) in Indian English literature
Panegyric literature in Indian Arab writings

Submission of Papers
Research papers on the selected sub themes are invited. The abstract should reach the Coordinator on or before 15 December 2013. The same can also be submitted through e- mail- Full paper should be submitted on or before 10 January 2014.

Dr. KT Jabir Hudawi,
Secretary Academics, SKSSF state Committee
Email –
Mob: 9847513317, 9747318091

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