Muslims tried to rob ATM to finance jihad in Syria

Source: Jihad Watch
COUNTER-terrorism officers have charged a figurehead of last year’s Muslim riots and infamous Sharia “whipping” case over an attempted ATM ram-raid in Sydney’s north.
Wassim Fayad, 46, one of two head spokesmen during the riots, was arrested at 7.30am last Friday at Auburn and charged over the failed ram-raid involving at least two other men at North Ryde on May 15.

The investigation, kept under wraps until now, has been continuing for several months, running at the same time as another case with the Joint-Counter Terrorism Team examining a syndicate sending young Australian Muslims to fight in the Syrian civil war. Police also have been investigating Fayad’s activities to see whether he has any connection with the Syrian syndicate.

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  1. Robert the way you are exposing jihad attached to so called Muslims is applauded. Might be you do it out of hatred of Islam but in fact it is blessings and disguise. The way so called Muslims utilising Jihad for spread of Islam is totally forbidden (Haraam) in Islam. May be one could present quotes but then remains the dispute of interpretation. Islam never got spread due to Jihad and will never do so in future also. It is its finest teachings which attracts the human being. Again coming to Ahmadiyya interpretation of Islam (you and your sympathiser call Ahmadiyya a cult), the Founder of community very explicitly declared Jihad with force for spread of religion now has become Harram. On this pretext other Muslim declared him as impostor as well non Muslims. In fact your effort indirectly supporting the view point of Ahmadiyya Islam as it condemns all kind of atrocities committed on the name of religion. In fact Islam is the future religion of the world. Christianity had its share. With the second advent of Jesus Christ in the person of founder of Ahmadiyya Community days for Christian believes are over. It is now matter of time. The way Ahmadiyya is proving the wrong myth of Christianity will prove it sooner Jesus Christ was just a great prophet of God who did his duties well and died a natural death. After wards God sent the prophet of Islam (saw) and now humanity has to accept this prophet and his correct teachings. This is divine destiny and God has all the power to get it implemented. Second advent of Jesus Christ is meant for it and things are moving forward in satisfactory manner.

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