Disturbance at Ahmadiyya School in Gambia!


Basse — A group of angry students at the Nasir Ahmadiyya Senior Secondary School in Basse, Upper River Region (URR) Monday afternoon went on a sit-in after they alleged that some members of the Examination Committee have leaked examination questions to some students in the school.

What started as a mere confrontation between the demonstrating students and school authorities soon turned sour after the students set the school’s library ablaze and broke some glasses as a result of stone-throwing.

This reporter who was on the ground said the students described the scandal as “uncalled for and unethical on the part of the teachers who leaked questions”.


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  1. There would probably only be two books in the library and the sad thing is they wouldn’t have finished colouring them in yet. What sort of discipline are you teaching students ? very little I assume

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