Mumbai: Ahmadiyya book stall flourishing amidst troubles, Masha’Allah, Al’humdulillah

Our Mumbai Jama’at had put up a bookstall at the MMRDA Grounds in Bandra Kurla Mumbai. The 5 Days Book Fair is organized by the NBT (National Book Trust of India which is a Government run Organization) which is running from the 29th Nov till the 3rd of Dec.

Al’humdullilah, by the efforts of the volunteers a good work was being done, lots of books and folders were sold and distributed and a lot of Tabligue was also going on for the first 3 days.

Plenty of non-Ahmadi Muslims kept coming and had a lot of discussions, some of them obviously did not like our presence there. The owner of another book stall especially had a lot of objections and kept visiting our stall and took books and made objections.

On Sunday morning a group of Muslims met the organizers and asked them to shut our Stall. The organizers told them it was not possible to do such a things due to some verbal complaints. They asked them to give a written complaint citing exact reasons as to why they want someone’s stall to be shut down. The Group went back.

Later in the evening after Magrib time a mob of about 50+ came to the organizers and spoke with them very rudely. They gave on a piece of paper a complaint stating that the Ahmadis were “Propagating Against Islam”, the group is reported to be of the “Muslim Milli Council of India”. They spoke very harshly with the Regional head of the NBT (the Organizers) who happens to be a Lady and abused her. They threatened them to shut the stall down or they will cause havoc, destroy and even “KILL” (“Kaat denge”).

During the situation they kept visiting the stall area and took many books and a lot of photographs of the stall and material. The Organizers requested our members to keep the situation under control and sort out the matter outside the fair itself.

Both sides have gone to the area police station (Bandra Kurla) and gave written complaints on Sunday night i.e. after the above threats. The Police has asked both sides to go to the station the next day (i.e. today), to discuss in front of the Station Inspector with evidences from both sides.

Report after the meeting:

Al’humdulillah, the Police has given us a Green Signal to continue with our Bookstall till the end of the fair!!!

The 2 sides were supposed to meet at the station with the Senior Sub Inspector at 11am.

Our 5 member team and the organizers of the Fair reached at the correct time, whereas none of the oppositions came.

Initially the Organizers met the police Senior Sub Inspector at the Station. Then he gave time for our representatives to meet him.

But when we entered into his cabin he said: You have no problems. You may carry on with your Bookstall and we’ll provide you 4 constables for security !!

The opposition members reached late at 12:30pm and objected with the police saying that they did not approve with the contents of our book. They had got the book “Life of Muhammad(saw)” then they said they had objections with all our books.

The SI told them if they had problems with all the material and wanted the stall to be shut down, they need to get an order from the Courts. They left.

The SI himself casually spoke with our members and said “looks like your opponents did not want your teachings to spread, if it does more people will become knowledgeable & peace loving like you, Ahmadis” !!! Allahu Akbar.

Dear All I request you to Pray for our Jama’at and it’s members in Mumbai. It is a very significant Metropolitan City and our Jama’at must emerge successful there as well.

Shahid Badruddin,

Pictures from the event:

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  1. We in the US are praying for you. May Allah give you strength & may the truthful survive, Ameen. Kudos to the management for noticing the difference between the two groups & taking a stand for the principle.

  2. Subhan’Allah.
    Nice report. May Allah reward those who are participating as volunteers in our Book Stall. Aameen.

  3. Al’hamdulillah by the grace of Almighty Allah and the prayers of all Ahmadis around the world the book stall at Mumbai ended with a great success. Congratulation to all those who participated as volunteers in our bookstall. May Allah Almighty reward them Ameen. And thanks to Mumbai police dept. also who supported us to give 4 police constables there for protection. In India Mullahs cannot do against this peace living community like Pakistan is doing there and This is a good lesson to Pakistan also.

  4. We have a book exhibition being organized at Kannur, near Stadium complex since few days. As common people are well educated and cultured such activities, irrespective religious political views are concerned, are welcomed by all. Various book are sold in good numbers.fb/abdul hameed bahar

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