Protest against Ahmadiyah in Central Java


Dozens of members of Indonesian Solidarity Anti-Oppression ( SIAP ) group hit tables in the Solo Parliament on Monday ( 21/10/2013 ) .

They protested against the statement of Central Java Governor, Mr Ganjar Pranowo , related to the Ahmadiyah religious organization in Central Java Province .

In his statement, Ganjar had declared that Ahmadis do not have to be dissolved but nurtured. The statement invited protests from a number of organizations including the SIAP .

Members were stopped in the transit lounge. They requested a meeting with the Chairman of the Parliament Solo or PDIP faction chairman .After waiting for about 25 minutes, the members met with three members of the PDIP Hery Joel, Budi Prasetyo and Marhaeni .

” On June 12, 2008 we had to close and drive Ahmadiyah headquarters in Baluwarti . Then, last Friday Ganjar welcomed them and issued a statement that Ahmadiyah wouldn’t be dissolved. They asked Ganjar to immediately withdraw the statement and make regulation to ban Ahmadiyyah in Central Java.




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