European Parilament: Questions on Persecution of individuals in the Ahmadiyya community in Saudi Arabia

Parliamentary questions
24 September 2013
Question for written answer
to the Commission (Vice-President/High Representative)
Rule 117
Willy Meyer (GUE/NGL)

The attitude of the Saudi Arabian Government to human rights is well known, although the way the European Union treats it as an ally is at odds with its systematic violation of these rights.

Recently, Sultan Hamid Marzouk Al‐Anzi and Faleh Sudi Awad Al‐Anzi, citizens born in Saudi Arabia whose only crime was to be members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, were arrested. They were held and charged with the crime of apostasy, since religious conversion is considered to be a crime in Saudi Arabia. Against this background, the international community continues to maintain its usual criminal silence, since Saudi Arabia is adopting the same double standards in the observance of human rights as the European Union.


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  1. Choun Kufr az ka’abah barghaizad, kujaa maanad Musalmaani? (Persian)

    Trans: When Kufr (ignorance and enmity of faith) sprouts (gets up) from ka’abah, then where will be Islam? (Where Islam will go?)

    Inna Lillah e wa inna ilaih e rajioon.

    Apostasy is not a crime. It is a right of every person to chose any faith. There is no punishment for changing faith. Any one can join or leave any faith peacefully. There is not to be any punishment for that in Islam. It is freedom in religion.

    How did the Saudis found out that the two persons are Ahmadis? Was there any preaching or some one reported them to police.

    The Saudis should realize that message is coming home to them every day. The Saudis cannot avoid it. They should admit the truth of the Promised Messiah’s teachings otherwise they are doomed. They will be evicted from the holy places, by the Will of Allah.

    Most of the Saudis are spoiled persons far away from Islam. They are involved in all types of vice. The rest who are not spoiled and they have some love for Islam are ignorant about the true teachings of Islam.

    The EU countries and other western countries should realize that the inhuman rulers are sitting in Saudi Arabia. They cannot be a friend of the liberal countries.

    A letter should be written to the King to send a delegation of his Maulvis (religious heads) to a neutral place to peacefully discuss the matters of faith with Ahmadi teachers.

  2. I believe the Saudi rulers have adopted the
    ways of iniquity and wickedness. God do not
    spare such iniquitous without punishment. I pray
    for our two Ahmadi brothers that God keep them
    steadfast in their faith and protect them from
    their evil action.

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