Muslim Brotherhood, ousted from Egypt, moving to London

By Jessica Chasmar-The Washington Times Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood has decided to move its media office to London, shortly after an Egyptian court decided to ban the organization or any subsidiary from operating within the country, a local newspaper reported.

According to the Egypt Independent, the Muslim Brotherhood already had a research center in London, through which it was running the organization as a whole.

The Brotherhood has used the office to publish a weekly journal geared toward Westerners, entitled “The Brotherhood message,” which explains the visions of the Brotherhood for Islamist reform.

The media office was fully transferred to London after a court on Monday ordered the freezing of the Brotherhood’s assets and banned its spin-off groups, the report said.

The office issued a statement on Tuesday, titled “On the Road, revolutionaries and committed to the promise.” According to the Egypt Independent, the Brotherhood said that the ban would not stop them from continuing their mission. “The verdict would not persuade them to abandon their ideas but will give them faith to further adhere to the principles they preach,” the report said.

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