Pakistan: 3 Ahmadiyya mosques vandalized by Punjab police personnel

Ahmadiyya Times: By Imran Jattala –

Three Ahmadiyya mosques in Sialkot, a town about 80 miles north of Lahore in the Punjab province in Pakistan, were vandalized by the police personnel themselves – not a mob, it is clarified by several sources in Pakistan.

The rumors in the social media that an Ahmadiyya mosque was besieged by a large mob in Sialkot were put to rest by Mr. Saleemud Din, the national Ahmadiyya spokesperson in Pakistan.

“There has been no mob attack on any Ahmadiyya Bayut Ul Zikar in Sialkot,” Saleem-ud Din wrote through Twitter in social media.


2 replies

  1. its a big shame that police in pakistan are vandalising masjids.

    “Say, “My Lord has commanded equity; and set your faces upright at every mosque and invoke Him, making the religion His faithfully; just as He began you, so you will go back (to Him).” [7:29]

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