‘The Muslims Are Coming’

Huff Post: by Omar Sacirbey.

Fed up with what they perceived to be a growing Islamophobia in America, Farsad and Obeidallah started the project in 2011.

“It was alarming to me that being a Muslim became an accusation,” Farsad said. “The Muslims Are Coming” is also useful as a catalog of Islamophobic remarks by public figures, including Glenn Beck, Herman Cain, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Pat Robertson, Donald Trump and others. 

(RNS) Muslim stand-up comedy is nothing new. But what makes “The Muslims Are Coming” different is that it portrays what happens when a troupe of comedians performs before red state Americans in such places as Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

The documentary by Negin Farsad, an Iranian-American, and Dean Obeidallah, of Palestinian-Italian roots, opens in Chicago today (Sept. 12.)


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  1. I have found plenty of text with not so indirect attacking of Israel!I have found not so indirect complaining about victimizing of ArabEmpire sons, grandsons or great grandsons! But I have not seen any complaints of the out & out rank identity theft against CivilSocialIslam,by alleged Muslim activists, amongst PalestineArabs or CezarArabian peninsula Arabs or Pakistani shooters of the young girl trying to read the Koran’s prohibiting of offensive force, as a violation against Allah! I also see, you do not refer to the Koran commanding the Nation of Israel to take firm hand in holy land Allah assigned to Israel!

  2. I do remember the Amahdiyah translation of the Koran,is filled with side bar,& foot notes of anti Jew remarks that really would have made my friend the Prophet,furious,for their rank violating of the Koran’s simple teachings of peace! But I do know there are Trotskyite Jews & Howard Zinn Jews & Noam Chomsky Jews, who by the time the Prophet finished his Recital of God’s revelation, could have gotten to me also if I was a human being acting as vessel of God’s words, when I was just having conversations recorded as the hadith or the sunnah! Yes the Hadith or Sunnah have some pretty nasty stuff about Jews! But I can handle that, as I said regarding guys like Anthony Weiner! But the actual Koran is quite beyond all that squabbling, except for your footnotes, more than all else! I am mildly surprised, your anti Jew texts are as subtle as they are, on the cool surface of slick hate speech! But your version used to be the preferred translation of the FaraKLansmen,neoNazi haters of Black SudanAfricans,fighting for freedom from Racist ArabEmpire genocide!So nothing shocks me from your identity theft against CivilSocial

  3. Yes I also notice You have no room for Zudhi Jasser’s CivilSocial Islam! You start with attacks on Israel,neglecting to praise the humane letting in of Black refugees from ArabEmpire race wars against IslamicNonArabs of Darfur, Nubas, Nubians, Bejas! Yes of course Israelis are not gods! We JudeaeanHebrew,ZionIsrael inspired, Koran Loving folks, do not idolize men, as do the CezArabEmpire idolaters!CezArabEmpre racists are total identity thieves against CivilSocialIslam,in other words real true Koran rooted Islam!


    • Well, this is the first time I read that Israel is receiving African refugees so kindly. In fact from a Ugandan I learned that Israel ‘bribed’ the Ugandan President to take in Africans from Israel (whether Ugandan or not) so that Israel can ‘get rid of them’. As to your other comments I do not really follow your arguments. May be you can give some ‘simple example’?

  4. PalestineArab-Israeli service personnel, are real CivilSocialMuslim examples! PalestineArab service men, in the Israeli Defense Forces, are following the Koran literally, upholding the strict recital of Allah’s revelation to the Prophet Muhammed,PBUH!Thank God he gave us the clear un tampered with word! That way, was so we would not have any kind of question of it’s clear bright lines in the way of his divine way, for the Human Race! Praise be to Allah’s messengers of universal truth, to be a light in the way of his divine guidance! Bless those PalestineArab-Israeli Defense Forces, for their up holding the Koran! Love their true Islamic PalestineArab Israeli souls!

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