Sickening & Scary: Second Amendment Anniversary Speakers call for isolation, banishment of Ahmadis


Mufiti Rehman alleges that Ahmadis are involved in “suspicious activities” and “serious measures” are needed against them. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Lahore:  Several clerics called for further persecution of the Ahmadi community at conferences held on Saturday night to mark the 39th anniversary of the passage of the Second Amendment, which declared Ahmadis to be non-Muslims.

Allama Raza-i-Mustafa said Ahmadis should be chased till death.

Maulana Muhammad Azam Naeemi said there was a need to mobilise the common man against Ahmadis. Maulana Raghib Hussain Naeemi termed Ahmadis and their leaders “stooges of the West”.

Pir Muhibullah Noori, caretaker of Baseerpur, said that Ahmadis should be banished from Pakistan. He told the audience that if they truly loved the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), they would not let Ahmadis live their lives freely.

Justice (retired) Mian Nazeer Akhtar said that the time for speeches against Ahmadis was over and it was now time to do something practical. He said everyone should play their role against Ahmadis to tighten the noose around them.

Chenab Nagar: 

The 26th annual International Khatm-i-Nabuwat Conference, organised by the International Khatm-i-Nabuwat Movement, was held in Chenab Nagar, whose population is mostly Ahmadi.

The speakers at the conference made derogatory remarks about Jamaat-i-Ahmadia leaders and blamed them for terrorism in Pakistan…. continue reading at

Allah has reminded believers to be patient: ‘And seek help with patience and Prayer…’ (2:46).
Let us all pray that May Allah keep all Pakistani Ahmadi Muslims safe and in his protection, always, Aameen.

3 replies

  1. One can only smile after reading all speeches by anti Ahmadi clerics published in ET. Just analyse 39 years. Which heights Ahmadies have reached and where stands Pakistani society today. According to latest speech of supreme head of Ahmadiyya Community, it has its saplings in 204 countries of the world with millions of follower all over. Number is ever increasing. Just half million converted to Ahmadiyya during the last year mainly in Mali. Round the globe community is respected and treated in high esteem due to its loving and peaceful message and activities.. Community is in fore front for constructions of mosque and translation of Holy Quran in many languages. Its slogan love for all hatred for none is getting extremely popular day by day. Humanitarian work done the community is fetching it good name. In spite of tall claims by anti Ahamdi clerics of Pakistani the community is flourishing day by day. Relative to it what reputation religiously infested society of Pakistan enjoys, the media itself is witness to it. Why this surprising aspect does not open the eyes of masses of Pakistan.

  2. I wish that so called Muslim movies of Pakistan should read the SAYINGS AHDEES E NABVEE of Hadhrat Muhammad,saw ,may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him,that these molvees have been described as PIG and MONKEYS and the worst creature under the sky on this planet and this HADEES is not told by these MOLVEES to the masses of Pakistan. They are deceiving and cheating ordinary innocent MUSLIMS who, unfortunately do not have the full knowledge of the Holy Quran and Ahadees NABVEE and follow these charlatans of religion in Pakistan. Their spiritual ancestors Molvees Maudoodi and Ataullah shah Bukhari called PAKISTAN PLEADISTAN and Maudoodi called PAKISTAN JANAT UL HUMAQA and preached spreading of ISLAM by force against the teachings of The Holy Quran that there is no compulsion in religion! THE SILENT MAJORITY OF PAKISTANI NON AHMADY MUSLIMS OF SHIA, SUNNY AND OTHER SECTS, 72 of them always joined hands against AHMADI MUSLIMS but the TRUTH IS THAT THEY DECLARE ONE ANOTHER KAFER. They do not practice what they really believe in their hearts.HOW COULD A TRUE MUSLIM HARM ANOTHER MUSLIM? Only ALLAH will decide on the Day of Judgement whether AHMADEES ARE MULIMS OR NOT. BHUTTO declared AHMADEES non Muslim ALLAH punished him in an exemplary fashion, Zia was burnt alive and Faisal was shot dead by his own nephew,the ring leaders of Anti Ahmadiyya Cult. ALLAH is sufficient to protect and bless AHMADIES all over the world under HIS KHILAFAT AHMADIYYA to progress by leaps and bounds. Every second brings innumerable blessings of ALLAH upon every TRUE AHMADI all around the world.The world press is ful of praise for the PEACEFUL PREACHING OF TRUE ISLAM BY AHMADEES, PARTICULRLY , OUR BELOVED KHALIFA TUL MASIH HADHRAT MIRZA MASROOR AHMAD AS AN AMBASSODER AND PRINCE OF ISLAMIC PEACE INDEED! He is recognized and honored by all respectable political and non political LEADERS of the WORLD. A sure sign of ALLAH’S FAVOUR,APPROVAL AND BLESSING INDEED! AHMDIAYYAT TRUE ISLAM ZINDABAD!!!!

  3. All these Mullahs belong to Brailvi school of thought , subject to capital punishment of execution and open Mushrik according to their own constitutional Muslims brothers i.e. Wahabis and Talibans and these banned groups leave no stone unturned to attack Brailvi mosques, their shrines and leaders. That fake doctor and hypocrite actor Amir Liaqat Hussain is also reported to participate this gathering and give extremely rhetoric & provocative talk against Ahmadi Muslims.
    They have become wicked and transgressed people exceeding all limits deserving divine punishment.

    First of all these constitutional Muslims should settle their dispute within before they start finger outside.

    I know these days Mullahs are very much jealous, anxious, worried and panic to see the limitless bounty and blessings of Allah ST on Ahamdi Muslims.

    May Allah keep all Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan under His protection from evil and wicked plans of these Mullahs.

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