Obama to seek congressional approval on Syria

President Obama in a statement declared that he will seek congressional approval for a strike on Syria.

What he said seemed to be a bit ‘ambiguous’, on the one hand saying that the United States has a duty to interfere in Syria and on the other hand saying that they cannot get involved in a local sectarian war that will take years to resolve.

What is the strike for then? Just for US internal political reasons? (as usual).

Furthermore President Obama said that he was ‘comfortable to attack Syria without United Nations approval. What is the United Nations for then?

2 replies

  1. The strike is likely to be limited to weaken the Syrian capabilities in any possible future conflict with Israel. this would achieve political objective and no major war. One objective of the United Nations is to provide cover to super-powers to achieve their national goals. Of course UN has been useful in limiting the impact of major catastrophies in the world.

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