Breaking News: Second Ahmadi-Muslim murdered in Karachi within last 10 days

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch |
Source/Credit: SAAPK | Ahmadiyya Times

By Staff report | August 31, 2013

An Ahmadi doctor is shot dead in the southern port city of Karach in Sind province of Pakistan.

Homeopathic doctor Syed Tahir Ahmad was murdered in Landhi area when he was seeing patients.

The news first reported by national spokesperson of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan on micro-blogging website, Twitter, stated that Dr Ahmad was examining patients when the murderer who had come pretending to be sick, shot him dead.

Ahmadiyya spokesperson said Dr. Ahmad used to see patients in a room set aside as clinic within his house where the attacker came in.

Dr Syed Tahir Ahmad was 55 year old, and leaves behind 5 children, spokesperson Mr. Saleemud Din’s report said.

The victim is the 2nd Ahmadi killed in 10 days in Karachi.

Another Ahmadi was shot dead on 21st August in Orangi Town area of Karachi and his non-Ahmadi friend was killed while attempting to apprehend the fleeing murderers.

Dr. Ahmad, a man of good repute and known for his exemplary character in his neighborhood community, used to help the poor by his medicine practice.

The victim had no known animosity are disagreements with anyone, it was reported.

“The sole reason for this cold blooded murder is his faith,” reported Saleemud Din. “This has taken lives of many other Ahmadis in Karachi during the last year.”


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  1. A strong presence of Taliban and banned religious organization in the city remains unchallenged yet. These outfits and criminals off on on target innocent Ahmadi Muslims who are always most soft targets.

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