World military chiefs gathered in Jordan

Source: CNN.Com

Even as the world’s military chiefs gathered in Jordan to debate their next move on Syria, the host nation is keen to keep the talks under wraps.

Official statements have been scant, the precise date, time and location seem secret. Expect no post-meeting press conference either, we are told.

The “why” is very simple: Jordan fears if it appears in any way to become a spring board for strikes on Syria, it will suffer. How it will suffer and why lies buried in layers of history as complex as the shifting desert sands here.

This tiny kingdom has ducked and dived the worst of the regional roiling stirred by the 2011 Arab Spring. Yet the few protests here seem to highlight dissatisfaction with a monarchy the West has come to rely on.


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  1. Another close ally of USA like Pakistan will be now in trumoil. Good luck Jordan. Br Rafiq do you have mask to cover effects of gas srrounding you? If not arrange one.

    • My location? Amman, Jordan. Location of meeting? Not quite sure, most likely in one of the military facilities (of which there are plenty). There is a ‘peace building academy, where Jordan military and police are being trained for international assignments. There are other facilities where private security firms active in Iraq are training their staff (many from Africa and South America). (Renting the facilities from Jordan military, and other private facilities). And then there are always the Royal Palaces… for the top top participants.

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