Swedes don hijab to support Muslim victim


August 19 2013 at 07:44pm

Stockholm – Scores of Swedish women from various faiths have posted pictures of themselves online wearing hijabs, or traditional Muslim headscarves, to show solidarity with a Muslim woman who was attacked in a Stockholm suburb for wearing one.

Muslim women wear traditional headscarves or hijab. (AP Photo/K.M. Chaudary)

Police spokesman Ulf Hoffman says an unknown assailant attacked the pregnant woman in the suburb of Farsta on Friday by banging her head against a car.

Hoffman said the man shouted slurs which have led police to believe the attack was motivated by the woman’s religion.

Among the women posting photos in headscarves on the social network site Twitter Monday was Green Party leader Asa Romson and Social Democrat lawmaker Veronica Palm.

The initiative’s organizers say they want to raise awareness of the harassment women wearing headscarves face in Sweden.


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3 replies

  1. This is a lovely example of people living in modern society in Europe. It bring human beings together. I like to say great and so great these ladies are, you have shown the world the beside the differences in believe still we can come together against wrong and bad.
    If someone is playing fool even my brother or sister should stand against it.
    In Holy Quran it is said be righteous so even if you have to testify against your brother, father, sister, son or any close one for the sake of truth do not hesitate.
    I would say these ladies acted according to Islamic teachings.
    At present unfortunately in every society but especially in Muslim countries these examples are hard to find.

  2. Shame shame shame to the Country. Can they attack Catholic Nuns and sisters also because they cover themselves.

  3. Swedes do not suffer from Islamophobia like the rest of Europe.

    It was just before WW-I that the foundations were laid for a ideal welfare state. within 50 odd years, that system had produced a citizen who was honest, truthful, and had no qualms of paying the 35% tax. As a matter of fact anyone who does not pay tax is looked down upon.

    And side by side the Swede became the best of human. The present incident and support by the Swedes for the head covering by the muslim woman, is the result of the healthy mindset which the Swedes have achieved. It is an example which need to be followed in every society which claims itself to be “human”, irrespective of which religion is being adhered to.

    The Swedes achieved this without leaning on any religion.


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