Japan: The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community organizes Conference of Religions for Peace

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan organized a Conference of Religions for Peace on Saturday 17th August at Nagoya International Center .

Topic of this year’s conference was “Humanity & Religion”. The Conference was attended by the leaders and Scholars of the Major religions such as Shintoism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

Mr.Anees Ahmad Nadeem National President & Missionary In-Charge Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan with the leaders of other religions and communities reissued the call to dialogue and cooperation among religions in the arenas of conflict transformation, human rights, disarmament and security, peace education, and child welfare.

Mr.Anees Ahmad Nadeem emphasized that all religions must conform to the basic principle of showing respect and reverence to the Founders and holy personages of other faiths. He said that cooperation in all good plans and schemes for the mutual benefit of mankind must be promoted and encouraged among the society.

Holy Quran and other Islamic books were presented to the scholars and other participants.

The Conference ended with the declaration of peace to building collaboration among the world’s religious communities in pursuit of genuine and lasting peace.



Report: Talat Mehmood (General Secretary, Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya, Japan)

For further details details, contact:

President & Missionary In-Charge, Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, Japan
Mobile: (+81)-80-67029500 | Office: (+81)-52-7031868
Fax: (+81)527039379 | Skype: aneesahmadnadeem
Twitter: @aneesnadeem

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